Get a First-Class iGaming traffic from trusted partners

We are providing highly professional affiliate managers with great database of the affiliates. We work only on a win-win basis:

We don’t charge any fixed fees
We earn anything only when you do

Traffic statistics from our affiliates


Traffic statistics from our affiliates

1,000+ FTD

Of the first-time deposits that gamblers do


Is the sum of deposits per month for one casino


Of NRG is earned by our clients per month

Extensive Affiliate Network

With 5 years of experience in the gambling industry, we have built a database of over 2,000 trusted partner contacts.

We carefully select high-performing affiliates for each product.
We will calculate the optimal budget and determine the most effective method for player acquisition.

Different Types of Traffic

For each product and across various countries, we test all types of traffic, including:

Search (SEO)
Email, SMS
Google ads

Markets We Operate In

We can find traffic for almost any region: Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3:

All European countries
Australia and New Zealand
Latin America
Arab countries

Our strongest markets include UK, DE, CA, AT, DK, IT, FI, CH, SE, and GR.

Traffic statistics from our affiliates

Types of affiliate deals:


Revenue Share (RS)

percentage of the NGR


payment for the First Deposit

Hybrid (CPA+RS)

both a fixed amount for FTD and a percentage of profit

Personal Affiliate Manager

Every casino has a dedicated and experienced manager who handles brand promotion and communicates with all affiliates.

Our managers take care of all the work: attracting new affiliates, communicating with them, updating deals, purchasing top positions, creating and managing links. They provide transparent analytics and reporting

Cost of services

We work only on a win-win basis. We earn anything only when you do.

Comprehensive Affiliate Marketing

Only 10% from generated NGR in monthly basis.*

Tier 1, 2, 3 All available markets and countries
Database of more than 2,000 affiliates
First-class traffic, most effective types of partnerships
Your personal Affiliate manager

Monthly analysis and reporting

*we take 10% of the positive generated NGR. The negative NGR is counted as 0 for us at the monthly calculation of the revenue.

Looking for a First-Class iGaming traffic?

If you’re serious about the success of your affiliate business, get in touch with us today to discover how we can help support your goals. Our experts will be happy to advise you on taking your site to the next level. Get in touch today and let us help grow your business.

    BoomAff’s Affiliate Marketing for Maximum Results

    BoomAff is a powerful marketing company for the e-gambling industry. We provide a range of services, such as casino affiliate marketing, white-label casinos as both turnkey and designed on-demand solutions, software for casinos and betting houses, customer support in many languages, and online promotion through various channels. Our focus on affiliate marketing for online casinos is extensive in such leading markets as the UK, Germany, Austria, Canada, Finland, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Switzerland, and Sweden. But BoomAff isn’t limited just to that, of course: or affiliate marketing program for casino stretches to basically any region, including Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Arab countries. We know how to provide casino social media strategy or casino social media marketing in both the most and least popular markets. 


    Affiliate Marketing and its Role in Your Business

    Here is what we offer you as a casino brand owner. BoomAff with pleasure can take the role of your affiliate manager to attract new affiliates to make online casino slots promotions for your brand. And why this might be interesting to you? Well, simply because your gambling or betting venue can significantly win from getting new affiliates! 

    Affiliate marketing for online casinos today is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of promoting a casino or a betting house. Given many legal, habitual, and moral limitations of the iGambling business around the world, in many markets, it is impossible to very hard to promote a casino or betting venue through classical channels in some markets. That’s where the best online casino promotions come into play via online casino affiliate marketing actions.

    But such an activity requires extensive knowledge to make things work out correctly, with ultimate efficacy, and optimal cost yet promptly. BoomAff is an expert in this market with over 2,000 trusted affiliates in our network, years of hands-on experience, and effective results that we constantly deliver.

    With BoomAff, your iGambling company is freed of many routine and intricate tasks, such as:

    • Establishing and managing affiliate marketing conditions
    • Finding and attracting new affiliates
    • Creating and managing affiliate links
    • Buying top positions
    • Managing communications with affiliates on a daily basis and refreshing their deals
    • Doing remuneration calculations and payment clearances, etc.

    We’re ready to do all these tasks (and more) on your behalf. 

    Our win-win approach to doing business consists of such elements of the offer:

    • We do not charge you in case if you have no revenues from this or that affiliate — we only take our 10% commission from the Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) on a monthly basis (no fixed fee)
    • We need to receive access to your admin panel of the affiliate program’s software to make all the managing and routine work (including your casino affiliate marketing’s mailing system to be able to establish advertising and daily communication with partners on your behalf)
    • You have to accept these conditions and do transparent business so all involved parties were secured and assured in their successful and hassle-free work.

    Why Choose Our Affiliate Marketing Services

    For over 5 years of extensive experience in online casino promotions, we have already gained 20+ satisfied owners of casino brands in multiple markets. Some of the renowned names are Campeon Gaming. As our network continues to grow, we consider this an indicator of success in online casino reputation management. 

    We’re able to deliver consistent and high-outcome results thanks to our global network of 2,000+ affiliates, all hungry to embrace another casino or betting brand and earn profits for both them and their clients. Isn’t this kind of hunger the most business-propelling one in our society?

    BoomAff offers amazing options of commission for affiliates that are able to provide the best online casino promotion: Revenue Share (RevShare or RS), CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), Flat fee, and Hybrid deals, which may incorporate elements of the above.

    We deeply and thoroughly study your business before getting to work to elaborate on the most effective strategies of promotion across the markets and channels of existing and new online casino promotions. 

    Getting Started with Us

    To begin with, we draw up an action plan based on an understanding of your business after we study it. The plan provides milestones, costs, channels of promotion, and other important factors. Then we analyze our affiliate marketing database to select the best affiliates to promote your brand — because the right fit for the right markets is one of the aspects of how to promote online casino in the best possible way. After we all agree upon the action plan and discuss the nuances, off we go. At this point, profits start to be generated for the satisfaction of all involved parties. 

    Success Strategies in Online Casino Affiliate Marketing

    Brand promotion is made via:

    • investing experience of affiliates in online casino promotion
    • multiple channels of this work (SEO for casino, email marketing, PPC ads, SMS, Google Ads, bloggers, vloggers, streamers, opinion leaders, etc.) — depending on what is legally allowed in each market and what its efficiency ought to be
    • leveraging social media
    • positive aggressiveness in reaching goals.

    When doing this work, we focus on the high quality of the delivered ad and iGaming content for profit maximization and maximum engagement of gamblers & bettors. If, before the promotion, your venue requires casino translation services to enter and successfully operate in new markets with another language, our dedicated team is also capable of bringing that to the table.

    Advantages of Partnering with Our Company or Key Statistics

    Just to give you an insight into the capabilities of BoomAff, here is one of many examples of our success. After just 6 months of work with one of our clients, our unique features and competitive edge of work allowed reaching these numbers:

    • from 800 to 1,000 First-Time Depositors (FTDs) per every month of the ad campaign
    • over €300,000 in total monthly deposits on average
    • approx. €200,000 of the Net Gaming Revenue (NGR) per every month of the ad campaign
    • around 4,000 registrations per month.

    If you’re striving for these or even better numbers, your cooperation with BoomAff is a must!

    Start working with us now and reach more heights of success

    The iGaming business is where things get serious. If you want your numbers to be also seriously increased by the effective management of affiliate campaigns by BoomAff, write to us right now to find out, how many new clients we can bring to you and how much money you can earn by starting fruitful cooperation with BoomAff.

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