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Online casino affiliate marketing is a method of solving marketing problems by attracting agents (referrals, affiliates).

The essence of affiliate marketing is the promotion of casinos and gambling products through intermediaries and for a commission paid to the intermediary by the customer.

Affiliate program management

Nowadays, it is one of the most effective casino affiliate marketing services. All casino brands have an affiliate program and are happy to cooperate with those who can deliver the targeted traffic.

However, there can be plenty of difficulties on the way to achieving profitable deals and reaching efficiency in general. If the affiliate manager is not experienced, then there is a high probability of entering into potentially unfavorable deals for a brand. Affiliate marketing of online casinos should primarily be aimed at a WIN-WIN model. Only such a model will allow brands to compete in the market.

The Benefits of Casino Affiliate Marketing with BoomAff

With the BoomAff offer, it is possible to receive various benefits of cooperation, such as different types of reward models, extensive hands-on experience in casino affiliate marketing companies that spans through years, and the achievement of goals of campaigns of affiliate marketing for online casinos, which is possible through careful and wise actions of the BoomAff team. We’re also able to connect 2 casino affiliates.

All casinos strive for a deal with affiliates on RS (Revenue Share). However, in today’s market, it is almost impossible to find a partner majoring in such a deal. Nobody wants to be in a full partnership in traffic with a brand. Affiliates want fixed amounts for their traffic, various payments for actions, and so on. There are many reasons for this and we described them in the article called the Soap bubble of deals in affiliate marketing.

The types of affiliate marketing online casinos rewards that are possible with the BoomAff team are:

  • Revenue Share (RS) – Percentage of NGR (Net Revenue) players brought by an affiliate
  • Cost per Action (CPA) – First Deposit Payment (FTD)
  • Hybrid deal (RS + CPA) – The partner wants both a fixed amount for FTD and a percentage of profit
  • Cost per lead (CPL) – Registration Fee

There are many other types of rewards in other niches, not only gambling. Although the list above shows only the most common options for casino affiliate advertising, the BoomAff team offers other solutions for the best affiliate management for you.

Your Total Affiliate Management Solution

When you address our company, we design the best affiliate program for your casino (or a network of your casinos). We will carefully consider your goals, business model, market opportunities and limitations, budget, market share, existing capabilities of our affiliate network, and many other factors, which affect the program of affiliate marketing that will suit you the best.

Why choose us as your Affiliate Marketing Agency

The BoomAff team has seen a huge number of different affiliate management deals. Some of the casino affiliate marketing services turned out to be not as effective as predicted; some turned out profitable. We clearly know and understand what difficulties the casino will face with this or that partner. Also, the BoomAff affiliate marketing service provider understands, which casinos are best not to work with. Since we maintain excellent partnerships with both affiliates and online casino affiliate programs, we clearly understand the market situation with the existing online casino affiliate network. Our affiliates are protected by our experience and information about affiliate marketing for online casinos, just as our casino partners in our affiliate casino network are protected.

Contact our outsource affiliate manager right now and we will be glad to help with the selection of truly reliable and most important, profitable casino affiliate marketing companies.


After you will have decided on the budget, you need to draw up a bonus policy to receive a well-thought affiliate marketing casino online landscape. You must clearly understand the simple truth of online casino affiliate marketing: without bonuses, it will be difficult for a new casino to compete with a swarm of other brands. If bonuses for players are not calculated correctly, this is fraught with big financial problems for the operator. In any case, bonuses are a very important although very dangerous part of a marketing policy.

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