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Aff Republic is an affiliate platform that offers a transparent & efficient commercialized system that an affiliate can use. Moreover, being part of Aff Republic is a profitable journey, where you can earn cash just by promoting online casinos in your network.

Regarding commission models, Aff Republic mainly works with Revenue Share principle. You can get anywhere between 30%-45%, depending on your number of FTDs. Affiliates who have well above 25 FTDs can even enjoy premium perks, in addition to a 45% revenue share. While Revenue Share is the primary commission model at Aff Republic, you can also make a CPA or Hybrid Deal.

In addition to the profitable commission models, there are other positives to like about Aff Republic. Firstly, the platform frees you from negative carryover every month. This means that you’ll start each month with a clean sheet, regardless of your past performance.

While the commission models at Aff Republic are reliable, the platform’s conversion rates work fine too. As an affiliate there, you can get real-time performance data & detailed analysis on what’s working for you.

In case of any potential issue, Aff Republic offers customer support around the clock. You can contact their representatives by filling out the form on their website, sending an email at, or even adding them on Skype.

All in all, collaboration with Aff Republic seems to be worthwhile. While the profitable revenue share speaks for itself, Aff Republic also has a loyal client base satisfied with the partnership. Many renowned iGaming affiliates are satisfied with their experience.

Of course, there are plenty of other positive things to say about the Aff Republic. The platform offers truly profitable commission models, regardless if you opt for Revenue Share, CPA, or a Hybrid Deal. For any other specifics, consider contacting the team at Aff Republic.

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