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Brief review of Casino Orc

Casino Orc is a website that specializes in the provision of online gambling reviews for people interested in gambling and finding a casino suitable for their geolocation and interests.

The website was registered in February 2019.

What services does the website provide?

The website effectively offers guides to selecting suitable Internet casinos and makes their reviews. According to the information provided by the website runners, their team is composed of gambling experts with many-year hands-on experience in poker, slots, roulette, and other varieties of online and offline gambling games. 

It is possible not only to read guides on the casino selection but also to find the recommended online slots, receive gaming tips, find out where the active bonuses are given as of the moment, and choose casinos suitable for a reader’s country from the drop-down list. Support of 11 interface languages significantly eases the usage of the website.

Sections of the website

The menu of the website makes it possible to search by online casinos, their reviews, and novelties. Then, the latest gambling bonuses are offered to explore. Next, there is a section with guides on various topics of interest to existing and potential gamers. Finally, there is a selection of casinos by country, where 100+ lines are given. 


If you would like to begin with an Internet casino but don’t know where to start — the team of is here to help! It was specifically gathered to aid gamers in various mundane issues connected to gambling, bonuses, games, and country-wise legislation. Also, if you would like to play tested, verified, and recommended online gaming venues — they are offered in the Review section, from the estimate of which it’s immediately understood, whether it worth playing or not.

To contact Casino Orc for various questions, write to

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