GiG Media


GiG Media Company has been operating on the market for over 10 years now. It is one of the iGaming industry’s top affiliates, which leads over 400,000 new clients annually to online casinos and sports betting places. Thanks to a large database of collaborating websites, paid ad campaigns, a couple of their own traffic-generating websites, and world-class omnichannel solutions that fuel up their excellent vision of the industry, GiG Media is able to deliver high-revenue gamblers to iGaming companies.

GiG Media is a large-spectrum company, the departments of which offer its customers business intelligence & development, SEO, programming, accounting & finances, and web design.

The main advantages of GiG Media are:

  • The company works in around 40 markets and countries
  • It has 3 offices: in Spain, Denmark, and Malta
  • All-in-one marketing platform.

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