Italy’s Communications Regulatory Authority, AGCOM, has fined Google Ireland Ltd. €2.25 million and Twitch Interactive Germany GmbH €900,000 for violating a ban on gambling advertisements. AGCOM took action after receiving numerous reports, leading to the discovery of over 80 YouTube and Twitch channels with more than 20,000 videos promoting gambling-related content. Both Google and Twitch were held accountable as platform owners with specific commercial partnerships. AGCOM has since removed the illegal content and ordered both platforms to prevent further uploads of prohibited material.

Additionally, AGCOM confirmed that it has closed proceedings against TikTok Technology Ltd., noting the absence of contractual relationships with the content creators responsible for uploading banned content.

In a highly publicized antitrust trial, Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has emerged victorious against Google. The trial accused Google’s Play app store of functioning as an illegal monopoly, potentially disrupting the entire app store economy if the ruling is upheld. Jurors found Google guilty on all charges, concluding that the company suppressed competitors and imposed exorbitant fees on app developers, reaching up to 30%. The court will determine appropriate remedies in January to address this issue. This outcome deals a significant blow to Google, as it operates one of the world’s largest app stores alongside Apple.

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