As the excitement for the Euro 2024 football tournament builds up, the National Gaming Authority (ANJ) in France has embarked on a timely and critical prevention campaign to address the risks of sports betting addiction. This initiative is aimed at safeguarding sports fans, particularly those who may be vulnerable to problem gambling, by highlighting the potential pitfalls of sports betting.

According to a recent survey, more than half of the French population plans to follow the Euro 2024 matches, with over a third of these fans intending to place bets. Football remains the most popular sport for betting in France, accounting for 52% of online wagers. In 2023 alone, the total amount wagered on football exceeded €4 billion ($4.35 billion).

Historically, major football tournaments have spurred significant betting activity. For instance, Euro 2020 generated €700 million in stakes, while the 2022 World Cup saw a staggering €900 million. With such trends, the upcoming Euro 2024 is projected to witness betting amounts approaching €1 billion, especially if France performs well in the tournament.

In an effort to counteract the potential surge in gambling addiction during Euro 2024, the ANJ has launched a comprehensive campaign designed by the Rosbeef! agency. The campaign focuses on making legal disclaimers in gambling advertisements more prominent and impactful, aiming to highlight the serious risks associated with sports betting addiction.

Key Features of the Campaign

  • Eye-catching Yellow Banner: The campaign features a distinctive yellow banner that draws attention to the legal notices in gambling ads.
  • Real Stories of Addiction: By showcasing real-life accounts of individuals battling gambling addiction, the campaign underscores the inadequacy of brief legal disclaimers in conveying the gravity of the issue.
  • Resources and Support: The campaign directs individuals to the Evalujeu website, which provides tools for assessing gambling habits and offers advice and support services for those in need.

To ensure widespread reach and effectiveness, the campaign employs a diverse media strategy, including:

  • Digital Display Campaign: High-visibility digital ads targeting potential bettors.
  • Social Media Ads: Engaging ads on platforms like Snapchat to reach younger audiences.
  • Digital Audio Radio Spot: Informative audio content to raise awareness about gambling risks.
  • So Foot Event Publication: Collaborations with popular football publications to engage dedicated sports fans.
  • Video Clips with Player Testimonials: Powerful testimonials from football players discussing the impact of gambling addiction.

Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin, President of the ANJ, emphasized the importance of this initiative. “Since the excesses of the Euro in 2021, gambling operators have become aware of their responsibilities in the fight against excessive gambling and have adjusted their practices. This positive dynamic must continue during the Euro and the Olympic Games, and the ANJ will be vigilant on the actual practices of each.”

As the Euro 2024 approaches, it is imperative for sports fans, problem gamblers, and mental health advocates to stay informed about the risks associated with sports betting. The ANJ’s campaign serves as a critical reminder of the potential consequences of unchecked gambling and provides essential resources for those who may be struggling.

By raising awareness and promoting responsible gambling practices, the ANJ hopes to create a safer and more enjoyable experience for all as we cheer on our favorite teams in one of the world’s most exciting sporting events.

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