Armenia’s iGaming market is flourishing, but recent regulatory changes pose challenges. The country’s gaming landscape has been shaped by the 2005 Law on Games of Chance and Casinos, which covers both land-based and online gambling. Concerns remain about revenue going to foreign operators, despite modest growth in online gaming.

Eman Pulis, founder of SiGMA Group, visited Armenia and praised the country’s efforts to level the playing field for gaming operators. SiGMA Group has launched a survey to assess inclusivity and employment practices in the industry.

Armenia is making legislative amendments to align foreign online casinos with local regulations, aiming for fair competition and consumer protection. Gamblers and bettors will be required to open designated bank accounts, improving transparency and addressing gambling addiction.

Armenia’s Parliament has endorsed measures to fund accounts exclusively from personal accounts, bolstering financial transparency and security. A cashless system and active bank accounts will be required for online gambling. Armenia’s gaming sector is on a path towards inclusivity, sustainability, and a secure online gaming framework.

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