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No online casino can operate without proper software. Modern pieces of software are large suits, which cover the entire functionality of a casino, including user interface, games, payments, front and back office, and much more. In this article, we’re covering the issue of casino software buy from one of the providers. Read this article if you’re looking for online casino software for sale, understanding that designing and developing it in-house is not what your business is currently aimed at.

Understanding Your Needs

Buy an online casino software to run a successful business

Every online casino business is unique. It is shaped by the general vision of the company, available budget, time, human resources, financial goals, legal area, and many other aspects. 

Depending on that, casinos usually have two major options when it comes to software:

  • develop software with their own powers (in-house) from scratch or based on something they already have
  • buy online casino software from a vendor, which is in most cases a much more affordable, fast, and convenient option.

When a company running an online casino (or a bunch of them) wants to buy online casino software, it must firmly understand and outline its needs. Consider, what functionality the gambling venue must have given its budget, marketing and financial strategies, terms of launch, and operational costs incurred in future periods.

When your company decides to buy online casino software, you must know there are two main options that the market is currently tuned for:

  • Pre-made solution (a.k.a. While Label)
  • Individual development.

Researching Software Providers

The pre-made solution is a very popular scheme, which means that online casino software for sale already exists and corresponds to the needs of a broad variety of market gamers of all sorts. 

This is factually something that a vendor has designed many years ago and has been broadening and fine-tuning it ever since to include the needs and requests of new clients who come to buy a online casino software. It is a kind of software that is already workable and can be delivered as is or with tunes required by a customer to easily and promptly start working (usually, within weeks or 1-2 months). A company buying a pre-made solution simply picks the options it needs from the list of available ones in this product and once it is tuned (usually, very fast), it is delivered to a customer, installed, parameterized, and ready to go. It is a relatively cheap solution, which wraps all standard wishes of modern online casinos. All future support, developments, updates, and fine-tunes in this option are usually also standardized and are cheaper than in option two: individual development.

Large companies in the modern market that offer such pieces of software are those that also develop games for online casinos: Microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, Quickspin, NetEnt, and others. There are also non-gaming vendors, such as SoftGaming, SoftSwiss, Slavna Game Studio, and others.

Another thing is making everything from scratch based on technical specifications received from a client. This is a hard, long, tedious, and very expensive process. It can suit only the largest online casinos, which have huge budgets to pay the online casino software price and large dedicated teams of specialists who’d control the implementation process. It can cost anything from hundreds of thousands of dollars to tens of millions of dollars.

So if you’re looking for a balance between cost, speed, quality, and functionality, you must consider buying an online casino software.

Features to Consider

Every online casino is much more than just a website and a bunch of games therein. A good casino would also include processes for:

  • registration, data entry, and verification
  • bonuses and prizes
  • account replenishment and withdrawal
  • client support to resolve questions and disputes
  • anti-fraud system
  • safety and security
  • affiliate program
  • marketing program
  • mailing system
  • back office.

The back office, in fact, is the hugest part of the entire casino business since it must show financial flows, do dozens of types of reporting (including bug reports), show stats and a lot of managerial info, uptime of the gaming servers, fraud indices, and integrate systems of audit, CRM, taxation, accounting, data management, user activity charts, and others.

Before you buy an online casino software, you should also take into account the following technical opportunities:

  • creation of a catalog of games and providers, its updating and expansion
  • technical audit (and all other sorts of audit) to obtain and update gambling licenses
  • regularity of updates delivered to this software by the vendor
  • adding new functions and changing the existing ones
  • general flexibility of the system to make it fit various requirements of different geos (political, financial, legal, gambling, reporting, security, controlling, etc.).

So, the company, from which you want to online casino software buy, must fully meet the needs of your company in the above. Buy online casino software only when all the important factors are unambiguously outlined in a contract you sign with the vendor and its associates.

Licensing and Legal Considerations

Buying an online casino software is crucial for casino business

Every geo has specific licensing and legal requirements and limits.

When it comes to licensing, an online casino can opt for having a license from a number of those existing in the e-gambling market. There are several dozen jurisdictions providing reliable licenses as of 2023. And they all have specific requirements and costs.

Although the vendor that offers casino software for sale can also assist with receiving a proper license, the cost of it is the cost for your business, not the vendor. This begins from €5,000 for the simplest Curacao license with just basic features (but the most regular price is usually about €25,000). And ends with over 1.5 million Euros for the most expensive license in the world by UKGC (which is also the strictest in its requirements and subsequent reporting).

The legal landscape of every geo also varies. In some countries or territories, it is forbidden to run an online casino and offer e-gambling services. In others, they are allowed with or without nuances and limitations. Before entering any geo, you have to thoroughly investigate the e-gaming legal landscape of the territory with your legal department. Some vendors, from which you can online casino software buy, can also help with this issue for an additional cost, which is added to the casino software price.

Pricing Models

The cost to buy online casino website with software varies heavily, depending on what you’ll need:

  • the number of providers and games
  • specific license
  • embedded marketing and bonus features
  • complexity of the back office
  • design and general functionality of the website
  • payment options (if you want, you can buy Bitcoin casino software to embrace more clients all over the world).

The running costs (after the launch) are defined by what you opt for: have all the operational work done by a team of the vendor of software or hire your own staff to do the work. Other running costs will be paying for the work of the system and casino games, processing financial flows, paying some percentage of bets to game providers, refreshing your e-gambling license, paying taxes, paying for running casino servers, and other expenses connected to the functioning.

Making the Decision to Buy

The decision to casino software buy will define your operational processes for many years to come. Depending on the functionality of the software and the specific model of your business, you shall elaborate on the structure of your company before you buy casino software. You shall define what operational model will be in your company (in particular, in-house or out-staffed personnel attached to performing these tasks):

  • client support (depending on languages and channels)
  • system updates
  • problem-solving
  • technical maintenance
  • running legal, financial, taxation, and other similar tasks.

As a rule, in-house teams are harder to manage yet they are cheaper and totally under your control. While out-staffed solutions work better if you want to operate globally without dealing with processes of hiring and firing, paying taxes in various jurisdictions, want to upscale and downscale fast, and pay per hour of work, not full-time. 

These all affect your decision to buy Bitcoin casino software and the scope of its functionality.


Software for an online casino is a hard and complex solution, which is a matter of hundreds of parameters of your business vision, capabilities, and restrictions. But in general, buying casino software is a fast and cost-effective solution, which can help your casino start functioning in a relatively short term.

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