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Every online and offline casino needs accounting. Especial importance is given to the selection of software suitable for online casinos considering that thousands of operations can happen per minute. Using specifically elaborated accounting tools is a must to achieve financial transparency of the organization to the people working in it, as well as to streamline the workflows using a single database of numbers. That will optimize all processes of management inside the company.

The list of tips

Below, we are giving a list of tips on what proper accounting software for casinos must be like (which is also known as an ERP system).

  1. It is made by one of the trustful vendors since security issues are important things. You don’t want your data to leak to some competitors or controlling organizations without you being notified, right?
  2. Absolute accuracy of booking of all operations. This is especially important not only for running financial bookkeeping for casinos but also for regulatory bodies, which demand financial accuracy (especially if a casino pays taxes based on certain financial flows, for instance, like bets or winnings). It also goes without saying that accuracy is an utmost required thing for investors and casino business owners.
  3. Fast and flexible integration possibilities of the casino accounting software with your gaming software and adjacent systems like CRM – for managerial reporting, online data booking, and voluminous analysis.
  4. The ability to make reports in the forms that are required in your jurisdiction. Otherwise, their forms have to be added to the software promptly.
  5. Mobile access. As online casinos are very cutting-edge gaming software, which is widely accessible through mobile platforms today, it would be naive to consider that a company running the iGaming business would also sit in some physical office altogether. On the contrary, it is normal when a managerial team is spread across the world, running it wherever the Internet is. So, access from a mobile phone is of high importance nowadays.
  6. Real-time data insights. As you never know, when your manager asks for a piece of reporting from you or in his or her working place in the accounting system, having data that is relevant for creating online reporting sheets is a crucial thing, which differentiates successful businesses from catch-ups. For that, many modern ERP systems are based on many levels, some of which include front office and back office. Thus, every piece of data is entered into the back office and is stored there as big data, which is good for high productivity of storage, whilst all retrieved data is extracted from a replica of this back-office data through the interface of the front office. This hierarchy allows the entire system to be highly workable with both data and user requests. However, this is only one of the possible solutions, and the market is flooded with the software of other technological hierarchy.
  7. Going cloud. Cloud collection, storage, and processing of data are one of the modern solutions. That, however, should be coherent with #1 on this list – security. Make sure your cloud data storage is properly protected from leaking and hacking.
  8. Streamline auditing. All business sometimes falls under auditing, which may be required by controllers, investors, or buyers. Relying on the accounting software, which provides the same data to everyone, is the best financial strategy.
  9. Electronic procurement together with the rest of the e-processes. Everything can and should be done electronically relying on the data collected in your ERP, CRM, and other systems. All processes of an organization are a part of or rely on financial flows. Being able to predict the revenue and distribute it during procurement or as investors’ income automatically or as instructed is a large part of the importance of accounting software for online casinos.
  10. Document storage. Think about scans of user documents, their depositing and withdrawal financial sheets, records of client support service, docs from your vendors, banks, payment systems, and others — you have a pile of various documents indeed! Storing their electronic copies in the system is a fine solution for your company’s workflow.

And here are some quick names of software, which online casinos might wanna use: Milestone Information Solutions, Unanet, QuickBooks, KashFlow, Wave, SageOne, and Dynamic 365 Business Central.

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