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The casino algorithm software is what makes gamblers see certain combinations in a game on their screen when playing online. This is true for all kinds of games: cards, roulette, games of chance like video slots, bingo, wheels of fortune, and live dealer games. Every combination is programmed in a certain way. And in this article, we are considering how this happens.

What is behind the pretty pictures we see on the screen?

Despite what some people may tell, there is no ‘pre-defined sequence’, ‘biased algorithms’, or ‘strategies’, including ‘casino-hacking’ ones. We could easily compare those naysayers to flat-Earthers, who are super stubborn in their wrongful believes simply because they have scarce brains and education. What is really behind there is math and such a derivative science as mathematical probability, which is sometimes called statistics (which is wrong, but anyway).

According to M. probability, some number of out given array of numbers will be randomly picked N times. To put it simpler: you have 10 balls, 9 of which are blue and 1 is yellow. When somebody randomly picks 1 ball, the mathematical chances that one of the blue balls is picked is 90%. Another 10% goes to a yellow one. Yes, a person can pick a yellow ball in the first attempt, which would seemingly tell that this person lucky strike’s probability is 100%. But over the long run, let’s say, 100,000,000 picks, the chances are evenly distributed to 90%/10%. That’s what is about the algorithm of any game you’re playing in an online casino. When real conditions of games are added with all their possible combinations, things become significantly more complicated.

Let’s briefly consider the variances:

  • The machine size. When you play a 3*3 slot with, let’s say, 15 different items, you have 3,375 possible combinations (15*15*15). Playing that for 6*6 machine, the number grows to 11,390,625 combinations.
  • Paylines and the number of different items on a reel. The variance changes when you add the number of paylines – having 256 instead of 1, you have 256 more chances to win. However, betting on every line from 256 lines will drain out your budget 256 times faster. And if from 15 items, some are met more often and some are not present on every reel, the variances also change. Given that you have 11,390,625 combinations and 256 winning lines, the real chance of winning is 1 to 44,495 for 1 winning combination. If there are, let’s say, 15 of them, the chances are 1 to 2,966, which is still a small thing. In some slots, these may be called paylines, winlines, 2 way pay, all way pay, or with other names.
  • Types of symbols, their weight, and their amount.
  • Configuration of reels and the number of playing reels in a particular game.
  • Specials like bonuses and their randomness.
  • The programmed RTP rate. This is actually an interesting thing. In order not to take away the interest of playing from gamblers, the math was used to increase their chances of winning. Using the programmed RTP, chances of victory in a very long run become, let’s say, 98%, which is pretty high (compared to the original zero-point-nothing). That’s why modern slots online are much more interesting than physical ‘one-handed bandits’, which did not have RTP and had only naked math in the core. As the casino must have a financial advantage to run the business (as it is a business, after all), 2% of all losses make the casinos’ profit. In some days, this share is bigger, in some, lesser or even losing for a casino (as gamblers may win big), but over time, 2% of all money makes the interest of the casino.

The told here is applied to other games, not only slots, with their rules and nuances. The exact sequence of code inside the software is a commercial secret by every manufacturer but, generally speaking, it is a random number generator, which creates a probability of showing each item based on math, rules of a game, and randomness. There are no dependencies of one symbol from another. Thus, when you win big, it’s because you’re lucky.

To conclude

So, now you know why modern gambling is much better than pure math of old times ‘before the Internet’ and what is actually the algorithm in the casino’s software.

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