Casino analytics software

Casino analytics software is the software, allowing analyzing the popularity of slots, tracking the gamblers’ behavior and interests of your users. Eventually, the use of most analytics software is to improve earnings through the personification of your offers and the full utilization of the principle “Know Your Client”.

Below, we are considering the analytical software for casinos in more detail, whilst before that, we think that giving some names of such systems for those who’re interested would be a nice thing:

  • 2WinPower
  • Casino Intell
  • TIBC
  • Gaming Analytics
  • Casino Science
  • SaskGaming

Analytical software for online casinos in detail

The software of such type allows owners of online gambling houses to find out such information:

  1. What are the most popular slots and how people play them (at what time of the day, how many people, what they win and lose, etc.).
  2. What are profitable and losing slots based on statistics for a period.
  3. To see gamblers’ behavioral patterns.
  4. To make segmentation of current users based on various parameters. The result of it may be used, for instance, for personalized promo campaigns, granting various bonuses, or offering personal wagered money for bets or free spins.

As a result of the abovementioned, optimization of the entire existing budgeting scheme can be done (if to consider the high level)

The key advantages of an analytical system

Surely, one can do a lot of analysis just using MS Excel. But the dynamic results that are updated once per several hours or even online are not subject to quick re-analysis using this tool. Also, if you don’t have a strong analytical background, you may do some crucial mistakes or it will take a lot of time to read the results of your analysis by your investors or parties involved in making decisions.

That all can be skipped easily by using one of the professional analytical systems. Their key advantages, as far as it is obvious, are as follows:

  • Installation is capable of being done on nearly any gambling platform (usually, on the server of an online casino). Usually, if something goes wrong or if there are difficulties, technical specialists of the company-seller are attracted.
  • Quick overview of the performance of your business, without the need to resort to other 3rd-party solutions.
  • Various detailed reports are already embedded. They only need to be adjusted by you to your needs.
  • The analytical system will not make a critical workload on the gambling platform.
  • Easily track the effectiveness of your games, adjusting bonuses and other parameters of those games in the case of need, as well as replacing some games with others.
  • Get reports on deviant behavior of players, which may border you from losses.
  • Filtering data based on time, KPI, and reaching the set goals.

In the systems that are made for brick-and-mortar casinos, more capabilities are attached, like viewing floor-by-floor activity, viewing the current workload of gambling tables and ‘one-handed bandits’, and more.

To summarize

The result of utilizing one of the systems offered by the market is adjusting the set of games on a casino’s site, learning players’ behavior and thus, personifying and adjusting your marketing campaigns, optimizing operational workload, as well as the number of your staff, which is linked to certain processes. Receiving real-time alerts will make sure you won’t lose money because of fraudsters. Some cutting-edge software works as a cloud solution capable of effectively working with big data.

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