What are the differences between advertising and a casino marketing agency.

  • Advertising and marketing agencies use different paths for business development.
  • Advertising agencies specialize in communication programs, such as advertising and direct marketing.

PR agency builds relations with the media, regulates crises and builds a business reputation. The agency contacts journalists, creates draft press releases and prepares press statements on company’s behalf. Currently, PR agencies, as a rule, offer “digital” services, protecting and enhancing the reputation of their clients through social media channels and various online activities.

Casino Marketing agencies offer a wider range of services and an advisory approach helping to develop a marketing strategy for online casinos.

Casino Marketing Company will provide everything related to the business external communications. This type of marketing helps to organize a process of attracting potential customers who want to start playing at the online casino, through various means.

Marketing Agency Objectives:

The goal of a Casino Marketing Agency is to attract customers.

This can be achieved through marketing research and advertising, branding and digital marketing.


What kind of work does a marketing agency do?

Casino Marketing Company carries out the full range of marketing, casino PR and advertising  using all possible smart casino marketing techniques.

In any casino marketing agency there is an art director, copywriter, planner, marketing director, brand consultant and PR consultant, graphic designer, social media expert, web developer, marketer and clerk.

Even though, the BoomAff team at the moment, is not a full-fledged casino marketing agency company, however we can provide an individual, extensive, and the most required, effective range of services. Among them are: Casino Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Payment Solutions, Customer Support and other necessary maintenance that will be aimed exclusively at the result.

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