How to become a casino marketing expert

Marketing is a paradoxical discipline. If you call three different accountants and show them the same financial report, they will give you plus or minus the same assessment. Perhaps they will differ in estimates of the complexity of the project to improve accounting and maybe they will differ in emotional estimates but they will give the same assessment of the state of accounting.

If you order a marketing audit from three different marketers, you will receive completely different ratings from them regarding your marketing strategy. One may make a note that the company doesn’t use the social networks and doesn’t work with loyalty, another may say that a website has poor navigation and design, and the third may say that a company doesn’t have a marketing strategy at all.

Everyone can be right in their own way, but how to manage things afterwards will stay unclear.

The problem is that casino marketing discipline is built around the psychology of consumers’ behavior. That is, strictly speaking, marketing is an applied part of the sciences of psychology and anthropology in terms of how and why we make deposits in online casinos.

Therefore, the number 1 problem in marketing is the lack of a technique, that is, a set of actions giving a predictable result.

For example, a well-known misconception that one must fall into the needs of a client. And what is a customer need? Approximately 50% of casino marketing experts have a very uncertain idea of a ​​customer needs, although they can be well versed in tools, such as contextual advertising.


If you look at the typical casino marketing expert path, it looks like this:

Assistant – a novice specialist who is ready to do everything that has anything to do with marketing.

A subject specialist is one who understands one or two subject areas, for example, knows how to fine-tune contextual advertising. He is often confused with a marketing manager.

Marketing Manager is a specialist who has a project or industry practice. He understands both in tools and in a specific market or several markets. Most often, this is the head of the marketing department or the marketing director in a medium-sized company.

Marketing Director is a leader who is well versed in business models, has experience working in several markets with different demand dynamics products, and understands the economics of casino marketing and thinks in business models and knows how to build marketing for most markets.

An important fact should be noted: a lot of people nowadays consider themselves casino marketing experts. They try to speak at various conferences positioning themselves as opinion leaders. They try to keep their pages on social networks just like gambling professionals, however, as in any industry, here we also may stumble on a bunch of deceivers. Some of them deceive themselves, believing the fact that they are outstanding casino marketing experts. Some deliberately deceive, trying to present their second-rate expertise to the audience as a truth.

BoomAff managers do not pretend to be the regalia of experts, but ready to prove by results that we are well versed in what we have been making for many years. 

First of all, our business model is aimed at the main goal – to get the maximum profit for our partners. Indeed, if a partner earns, then we earn as well. Our working practice with many partners shows that our services help online casinos to earn and run a successful profitable business in the gambling industry.

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