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How many mysterious interesting things are hidden in this phrase. Every PR manager who works in the gambling industry wakes up and lays down with one thought – how to establish a public relations in the casino brand. The BoomAff team also asked this question. However, thanks to our experience in gambling, this question no longer bothers us. It became ordinary. Since we work with many brands, the issue of casino public relations is raised individually for each individual case.

And so, we’re inviting you to join our discussion about Casino PR.


What is PR and how does it differ from Casino PR

If we turn to the Wikipedia website, then we will find something like this description:

Public Relations – public relations, public relations, public relations, public relations, social interaction; abbreviated: PR. Technologies for creating and introducing, in the socio-economic and political systems of competition, the image of an object (idea, product, service, personalities, organization – a company, brand) in the value range of a social group, in order to consolidate this image as ideal and necessary in life.

How are we going to use all these economic and political tools to improve public relations of gambling brands? As the main thing, when should brand start thinking about casino public relations? The answer lies in the very essence of gambling.

Let’s turn to the history. Gambling has always existed. Or almost always. It was a subject to fight with it: games were banned, eradicated, cursed, but it’s still survived. Because there were always people for whom the need for the game was as strong as in food or rest.

And those who could not attribute themselves to the above category, the game beckoned, entailed risk, the ability to tickle the nerves, to challenge fate. In the old days, gambling was called fatal or courageous.

So, to start a full-scale discussion about the importance of casino public relation in the modern world, we turned to history and realized that gambling always caused a lot of different emotions in humanity. We know for sure that it is impossible to imagine a land-based or online casino for all of humanity in “white color”, therefore, all our casino pr work will be carried out only for an engaged, loyal audience.


A bit of gambling history

“A person plays only when he is a person in the full sense of the word, and he is completely human only when he plays” – Friedrich Schiller.

The Gambling Games never had their faithful chroniclers. Therefore, probably, it is impossible to build a clear chronology: where and when the cards appeared, where and when the roulette appeared. But there are legends, speculations, versions, often mutually exclusive, but from that even more attractive and exciting.

So, in the remnants of the material culture of an ancient man, archaeologists find objects used in gambling in Egypt as far back as 3,500 BC. Often figures, drawings on stones or ceramics, depict people or gods throwing dices (dice-astragalus is the ram or interphalangeal joint of a sheep or dog) and using counting boards to calculate the results of the game. In many excavations of the prehistoric sites of man of an even earlier period, dices are found in large quantities. Perhaps 40,000 years ago, people threw these dices in gambling, but the rules and order of these games are, of course, not known.

This shows us that a person always wanted a thrill. Some were connected with jumping from a cliff into the water, or with exactly thrown cubes to the floor. It was not important. Man craved for excitement. Unfortunately, in his passion, sometimes, he is uncontrollable. In particular, for this reason, at all times, gambling was prohibited, outlawed. Some tried to “kill” the person’s very desire to experience these feelings from the casino. The history tried to eradicate the excitement, however, it has not succeeded so far. After all, it cannot be forbidden for a person to jump from a cliff.


Modern Work on casino public relation

Modern Casino PR technologies make it possible to single out several key work factors:

Corp.PR – image formation of the entrepreneur, the company.

Corp.PR brings results in the form of signed contracts, investment projects, credit lines, etc. due to the “good” image of the company. In the casino sphere there is no pronounced philanthropy, however, there are many great brands that sponsor various sports teams. Events of a sporting, entertaining and creative nature. Such brands as Bwin, Leo Vegas, bet365, etc.

Commercial PR (CPR) – “promotion” of the brand.

For example, the desire to prove that vertical business development (developing one brand of casino) can be more effective than horizontal (launching a large number of brands) makes brands like Casumo, Dunder, Leo Vegas move forward and actually make the entire gambling market look like themselves. And believe us, it is very difficult in the today’s realities.

Internal (intra-corporate) PR – management of relationships within the company. In management practice, another designation is widespread – internal corporate communications.

The main objective of internal PR is to build certain trusting relationships between company management and staff at all levels of management.

We are sure that a huge number of different companies that build corporate culture can be attributed to this point, but we know for sure that brands like Campeon Gaming Partners and Buffalo Partners spend a lot of energy not only on casino public relations, but also on team relationships.


Casino public relations methods

And so, we got to the point. What specific actions do casino pr experts? Now we will discuss several absolutely important principles of working with clients in this very sensitive area of ​​activity.

Techniques for attracting non-regular customers

New players. They are “hunted” by all online casinos in the world. And now there are about 1,500 brands. Impressive, isn’t it? So, in order to attract new players, different brands use different methods. Specific methods for attracting new players are related to Casino Marketing. Here we will discuss what PR managers should do.

– Take care of the image of the casino. A new player, if he wants to check out a new casino brand, will definitely go to read reviews about it. The task of the casino pr manager is to ensure that these reviews strive for the ideal.

– To invent for new players the incredible value of their presence in a particular casino brand.  A manager has to think about exactly how to engage a new player that he will find more than just bonuses, winnings, etc. Here he will receive a range of unforgettable, positive emotions that the online casino will only can provide.

The main objective of a casino public relations is to turn non-regular customers to regular ones. All ingenious is simple.


Retention Techniques

The basis is the same as in the first paragraph. The manager has to provide value to the player and to highlight a few more points:

  • Respect for a player. Oddly enough, it is very rare to find decent customer support.
  • The availability of online chat in the casino is required. A person should be able to address his question, problem or request immediately. And also quickly get an answer. BoomAff managers know how important it is for brands, so we started providing a separate service (Customer Support)
  • Proper customer segmentation. This allows to offer a player a bonus based on his desires and the behavioral factor on the project.


Techniques of work with VIP clients

And so, what do VIP level players get from us? That is all they may want or need. Besides that they receive absolutely everything that is offered to regular players, they still have some of the privileges:

  • A personal manager who will congratulate a player on the birthday date and the birthday of the player family including wife and children. We will be sincerely happy for him when he wins a large amount and cheer when he wins. We will become his best friend in gambling.
  • Unique bonus policy
  • Unique payout system
  • All kinds of additional rewards. For example, we know companies that actively promote tourism for their VIP players. They pay them vouchers. Gather in expensive hotels, provide them with expensive cars for the rest and it’s all free of charge. Just for the sake of increasing and strengthening the loyalty of VIP players.


Let’s summarize

Casino public relation, or simply Casino PR, should be aimed not just at attracting and retaining customers. This is a work with the human subconscious. It is the need to prove to the client his importance and to show a brand loyalty to him. This is an incredible job with the motivation of both: its staff and the players themselves. Indeed, if a company staff does not know what they are doing or will treat the players only as money bags, they will never succeed in building a really solid casino public relations.

The BoomAff team will be happy to help with the compilation of the Casino PR company, as well as in a number of additional, strategically important services, such as: Connecting payment systems, Affiliate marketing and casino marketing, assistance in integrating affiliate programs, etc.

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