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A catchy name for any brand is half the deal. A catchy name for an online casino brand is another half of the remained half. 

Without good casino names, it’s hard to imagine people will ever join your casino or even find out about it. And there are multiple factors, which one shall consider when choosing cool casino names that will bring attention, generate the inflow of new customers, and will sound good for geo where a casino is presented. We’re looking in this article at the principles of choosing nice and clever casino names. You better read it if you don’t want to be named something like Miserable Slots, Unlucky Bets, Lousy Money Pit, or Cheapskate Dealers.

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Types of casino names

First of all, feel the vibe of your casino themed names: what kind of a name do you want in the first place? That, of course, if you don’t have very particular restrictions on naming imposed by your business policy, requirements of shareholders, brand book of your mother company, etc. Let’s imagine you just sit at your desk with a blank head and start pondering from scratch.

Descriptive names

Think of the list of games your casino will provide. The type of industries it will be active in (only casino games or various kinds of sports betting as well). Maybe, you have a unique design/mascot idea? Or some very specific marketing plan? Let it all find manifestation in the descriptive name of casino.


Casino name acronyms, which sound whooshing and smooth, are absolutely welcome at all times. That might be something like this:

  • ACE (stands for ‘Alluring Casino Experience’)
  • WIN (‘World-class Interactive Network’)
  • AURA (‘Awesomely Ultimate Rewards Arena’).

Or something more boring like VIP (‘Very Important Player’).

Abstract names

At times, a casino names generator you might be using can give you something abstract (like Infinite Play, Zenith Gaming, or Dream Phoenix). But that doesn’t mean these sound alluring and clear to your future audience. First of all, people must understand this is the casino, not some Asian massage parlor. You might want to avoid confusion.

Combination names

Two-word or three-word names are often among catchy casino names. Combine these through a wide variety of ideas: 

  • a core of the gaming experience of your casino
  • market you operate in
  • design/branding idea/mascot of your gambling establishment
  • the feeling that you want to impose on your gamesters: royal, stellar, diamond, neon, luck, etc.
  • your unique market offer: zillion of wins, megaton of money in jackpots, etc.

Geographical names

Use a preferred casino name generator to include the geo you wish to operate in (country, continent, area, city, etc.). For instance, Atlantic City, Parisian Palace, Sahara Sands, Nile Jewel, Dubai Diamond…

Mythical and mystical names

Fantasy casino names are freakishly popular amongst various core audiences, which adore this or that fantasy movie/game/TV show/book. Try Dragon’s Den, Unicorn’s Pearl, Enchanted Kingdom, Mermaid Treasure. Or think of something very narrow if you want to embrace only a specific piece of oeuvre. Take the universe of Tolkien as an example: Fields of Shire, Council of Elrond, Gates of Moria, Emyn Muil, Tower of Amon Sul, Troll’s Cave… Or consider the casino theme names inspired by the Diablo I-II-III-IV gaming universe: Tristram Casino, Arcane Sanctuary, Worldstone Keep, Kurast Docks, Arreat Summit…

Examples of creative and catchy casino names

Here are a few examples of casino names ideas, which are memorable, eye-catchy, and feel succulent (regardless of the niche): 

  • Las Atlantis
  • Wild Tokyo
  • Thunderbolt
  • Lucky Emperor
  • Diamond Reels
  • Golden Tiger
  • Red Dog
  • Slotastic
  • Spinit
  • Royal Panda.

Tips for choosing a casino name

Keep it short and memorable

All the best casino names are composed of one or two words. Sometimes, three. But don’t hope that your future gamblers will memorize something like ‘Shark In a Golden Park’ or ‘Mystic Mirage Island Casino Palace And Haven’. This is hard for the brain and nearly impossible to type on the Internet to open a website.

Avoid using generic words

If your casino domain names are something like Great Casino, Top Casino, or Play Casino, it will be nearly impossible to market and promote ‘em. That’s also terribly uncreative. 

Consider your target audience and brand identity

The market you will be working in and your brand book both impose serious restrictions on the name. Working in Asia, you don’t want to opt for any funny casino names but instead, you’d pick something like Red Tiger, Golden Dragon, Lotus Blossom, or Sakura Garden. While for Australia, these might work well: Coral Coast, Melbourne Magic, or Lucky Koala.

Check for availability and legal considerations

After you will have chosen a potential name or their list, the first thing to do is to visit website and see whether your preferred domain name is available at the moment for registration. Simply enter what you want into the search field on the home page of and it will tell you everything about this domain name’s registration. Let’s say you wanna check That’s what tells you (see the screenshot below):

Thus, this free online tool that keeps track of all domains on the Internet, immediately informs you whether: 

  • the domain name is registered (taken) or not
  • who is the owner
  • what are the alternatives you might consider (names with different endings)
  • suggested other domain names
  • and what are the similar domain names you might find interesting, too.

Not only using this tool is highly useful (and free!) but also it prompts you to grab more ideas about names for casinos each time.

As for the legality of the name in your geo, you should take legal advice from your counselor to find out what exactly is forbidden and what cannot be used because of the restrictions (for instance, some countries ban the usage of words that refer their geographical territories, name of the regions of the country or the country itself, its official bodies, or something like that — the list may be actually pretty long in each geo). The rule of thumb is avoiding controversial online casino names in general like those connected to the sex industry or drugs (if not only you intentionally choose to operate in a gray/black zone).

Test your casino name with potential customers

Do the A/B testing of potential casino names the same as you do with your products and other things before marketing them. How do people perceive your casino brand? How does the test group feel about the names on the list? Etc. Your core audience shall not have controversy, hesitations, disgust, distrust, fear, or any other similar negativity toward the names of casinos of yours.


As you name the boat, so shall it float. AN online casino MUST have a catchy, geo-right, memorable, and immediately understood name (and the web domain) so that people want to use it. To kick off your brainwork, below we leave some catchy names for casinos, which you can take, adapt, and apply. Don’t thank us 🙂

  • Lucky Charm
  • Mega Win
  • The Golden Nugget
  • Diamond Jackpot
  • Super Seven
  • Platinum Play
  • Starlight
  • Gold Rush
  • Sapphire
  • Emerald Queen
  • Riches Royale
  • Diamond Dynasty
  • Lucky Panda
  • Cleopatra’s Palace
  • King’s Crown
  • Silver Lining
  • Heavenly Stakes
  • Fortune Finder
  • Golden Oasis
  • Neon Nights 
  • Sunset Dreams
  • Ocean’s Edge
  • Royal Mirage
  • Grand Fortune
  • Red Diamond.

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