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Gambling businesses use various techniques to promote their facilities. One of the effective ways to influence existing & potential gamesters is email marketing. It is used by both Internet and land-based venues. For instance, one of the popular venues communicates with clients from its marketing manager Paragon casino resort email. Thanks to smart communication with players, it’s possible to attract a new audience, build the brand, and increase retention. However, it’s crucial to understand the significance of casino e mail marketing and know how to use it right to reach all the goals.

Why Email Marketing in Online Casinos?

The role of casino email marketing is paramount. It’s an extremely powerful instrument that might help achieve various aims:

  • Gamester acquisition
  • Retention
  • Introduction of new products or services
  • Punter loyalty
  • Higher revenues
  • Better engagement
  • Building of the brand, etc.

It’s one of the most productive ways to attract new punters and make the existing ones stay and actively play. First of all, such a strategy allows us to provide valuable content to people, thus, generating more leads. Besides, it’s possible to segment the audience depending on punters’ locations, interests, demographic peculiarities, and actions. As a result, communication can be more personalized & useful. Marketing emails for casinos that are persuasive enough can lead to higher conversion rates.

Such marketing supports you in the creation of stronger & long-term relations with both new & existing clients of the gaming facility. It’s a wonderful way to support regular communication and stimulate feelings of loyalty, connection, and engagement. It’s vital to create valuable content to influence retention. It should be valuable & personalized.

What’s more, email marketing is a very good choice to get feedback from gamesters and better understand their demands. As a result, it’s possible to obtain data concerning players’ preferences, satisfaction levels, and pain points. After this, it’s easier to make more productive decisions in what concerns the improvement of services.

In general, it is extremely beneficial for punter retention & acquisition due to the following issues:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Increase in a customer’s lifetime value
  • Higher player satisfaction
  • Wiser & data-driven decision-making process.
Benefits of casino email marketing

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Collecting Email Addresses

The creation of an email list is considerable to have an opportunity to reach potential players. Here are several tips to collect addresses:

  1. Make an attractive opt-in form. It should be able to capture the attention of punters and motivate them to become subscribers. It should be placed on the website & look prominent. Besides, it’s recommended to add benefits that gamesters will have after the provision of their email addresses. For instance, it’s possible to offer no-deposit extras or free spins.
  1. As an alternative, it’s possible to use targeted adverts on social networks. For example, on Facebook, it’s easy to target the audience based on various features including even online purchases. Thus, there’re high chances to find new leads.
  2. Use double verification to ensure a list is quality. In this case, users will be required to confirm their addresses by clicking on a corresponding link a welcoming email contains. As a result, you’ll eliminate fake/inactive addresses and work only with real gamesters.
  3. Divide addresses into groups. Gambling email marketing will be more productive if gambling facilities apply proper segmentation. Do it based on demographic features, engagement, interests, and preferences. After this, the content can be created in a more personalized & targeted way.
  4. Create personalized & valuable emails. It will help avoid unsubscriptions and make the content more engaging. It’s possible to write about various news, tips, promos, and exclusive offers connected with an Internet gambling establishment.
  5. Make messages optimized. Many modern gamesters use mobile devices for playing, email reading, and other actions. Thus, emails should be comfortable to read on any gadget.
  6. Revise an email list regularly. Check it for inactive addresses & unsubscribed punters in order to keep it up-to-date. Only in this case, a strategy will succeed.

Personalization and Segmentation

Segmentation & personalization are two important aspects that can help reach much better results from any gambling email marketing campaign. In the modern world, it becomes really difficult to reach the audience due to the massive digital noise & competition. Taking all these things into account, the right approach is crucial.

Speaking about segmentation, it allows dividing subscribers into small groups based on specific criteria. As a result, each group can be targeted with well-tailored content, which suits their interests & preferences. Personalization is something beyond the simple usage of a user name in emails. It means the application of data-driven insights for the provision of personalized recommendations, unique offers, and dynamic content. It means that the messages created are based on the punter’s needs, actions, and preferences. As a result, the relations with players can become stronger, and the engagement rate will also increase.

Consider the main reasons for the use of segmentation & personalization:

  • Better engagement
  • Greater loyalty
  • Elevated conversion rates
  • Better relevance.

There exist various ways to audience segmentation:

  • Motivation. Punters play for various reasons. Some of them want to win cash, the others just like having fun.
  • Game type. Different gamesters are fond of various game kinds. They might be slots, card games, sports betting, table games, etc. Classification is possible even on the basis of the game theme.
  • Demographics. Create groups according to punters’ ages, genders, and other characteristics that can influence their preferences.

As a result, it will be easier to not only personalize the content but also manage the audience.

Creating Compelling Emails

Email messages should be attractive, strong, and engaging. Observe several tips for the creation of high-quality content:

  • Include a call to action. It’s productive to use verbs in a message. In general, the language should be actionable in order to motivate a gamester for an action. Punters should understand what they can do with the information obtained.
  • Make content as personalized as possible. The performance level gets higher when emails are correctly classified & personalized. For instance, if a gamer is more fond of slots, add the corresponding content with new and exciting games, promos with free spins, etc. If a potential client is a woman, it’s possible to tell about special thematic slots devoted, for example, to movies, romance, holidays, and so on.
  • Make messages clear. Think about the headline first to clarify the idea and attract the attention. It’s advisable not to sacrifice clarity for catchiness or entertainment value.
  • Make sure a subject line corresponds to the content. Punters should always get what they expect to get when they see a headline.
  • Ensure the content is relevant. It requires more attention to personalization but it’s worth it. For example, if there exist bounties for games a punter is fond of, write a message to remind him/her about the offer to help a gamester not to miss it.
  • Use second-person pronouns. Thus, it’s possible to demonstrate that a gambling establishment is oriented toward a gamer, not itself.
  • Include benefits. It’s not that important to describe all options & features. Punters should first understand the advantages of the offer sent.
  • Brevity is the soul of wit. It’s impossible to tell punters everything in one message. And there’s no need to do this. Just include the most important & catchy points. Gamesters will be more eager to read such messages instead of masses of text.
Effective emails for casinos

Special Offers and Incentives

Attractive offers are usually the most common thing that attract punters to a gaming venue. Consider the following strategies, which can make gamesters excited:

  • Welcoming bounties. It’s the best & most common way to attract new users. Such extras are the best advantages for beginners. They work as a wonderful way of motivation to make the first refill.
  • Free spins & no-deposit extras. Some people prefer playing for fun and would be more eager to test real-cash products for free. With such offers, it’s possible to motivate gamers to play more actively. As a result, they can even decide to deposit after this in order to meet the playthrough requirements and withdraw winnings.
  • Loyalty rewards. To motivate existing users to actively play, a loyalty program is a good thing. With the help of it, they can collect points and obtain corresponding rewards. For example, users might be fond of exchanging those points for spins or credits. Thus, users will become more engaged.
  • Match bounties. There’re punters who refill the balance from time to time. To make them deposit more actively, send them various matching offers, which will allow them to get extra cash. For example, it’s possible to create bonuses tied to a certain day or to definite hours. As a result, gamers will become more engaged in the casino events.
  • Exclusive VIP offers. It’s one of those things that have a great impact on player retention & loyalty. Active gamesters also want to feel valued. A VIP program with exclusive bounties, prizes, and events is an ideal choice to make them keep playing at an Internet gambling house and become loyal customers.

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Measuring Success

With any marketing strategy including email marketing gambling campaigns, it’s necessary to regularly monitor the results & success. The following metrics should be considered:

  • Open rate. Pay attention to the ratio of the number of messages sent and the number of messages read. It will help define the strength of a subject line and the total level of interest from your readers. It might become a key performance indicator. Measure the results on a weekly basis.
  • CTR. It helps understand how many punters click on links the messages contain. Click-through rate is usually the main purpose of a campaign, so this metric is essential. Understanding the results, it’s possible to improve content, link/call to action placement, and other characteristics of a message.
  • Conversion rate. It demonstrates the percentage of punters who fulfilled the desired action. Thus, it’s possible to evaluate the strength of a call to action.
  • Spam complaint rate. It’s an important thing to know because too many complaints might lead to certain actions taken by email service providers against you. As a result, the productivity might decrease.
  • Email list growth. Getting more subscribers is often the main goal of email marketing campaigns. This rate might be compared with the number of unsubscribed gamesters. On the basis of such data, it’s possible to improve a campaign.
  • Revenue per email. With the help of it, it’s possible to define the productiveness of a campaign & ROI. It’s possible to optimize the efforts if you know which emails are driving better revenues for a brand.
  • Customer acquisition cost. Keep estimating the number of new punters in order to understand how much it costs to get them. It can also help calculate ROI and improve promotional campaigns.
  • Lifetime value. Monitor the actions of punters in order to understand the revenue made by them throughout their lifetime. The measurements might be made on a weekly, daily, monthly, or even yearly basis. The results can be compared to the acquisition cost to understand whether it’s justified by the income.

Email Marketing Best Practices

To make the best out of an online gambling email marketing campaign, use the following practices:

  1. Know a target audience.
  2. Be data-driven & make the corresponding marketing decisions.
  3. Make an attractive sign-up form.
  4. Create quality email lists & classify them.
  5. Keep updating lists of addresses.
  6. Create attractive calls to action.
  7. Define the frequency of messages.
  8. Make content relevant, valuable, and personalized.
  9. Always be clear & create appropriate subject lines.
  10. Make messages optimized.
  11. Measure the results with key metrics to improve a strategy.
Email marketing gambling tips

Case Studies

Many Internet gaming establishments use email marketing in order to promote their venues, attract players, and make them stay. Let’s consider a few successful examples:

  • Royal Panda. It’s an email marketing casino UK that used this type of marketing in order to tell gamesters about new products in their collection as well as about special promos. To make gamesters more loyal & engaged, the facility also sent information about its attractive Loyalty program and its benefits.
  • Mr. Green. This facility made their messages well-tailored & personalized. Depending on the segment, they sent emails about new releases, seasonal promos, and exclusive tournaments. As a result, they got more loyal customers and attracted new depositors.
  • Bet365. It’s a modern platform, which also used a personalized approach. While the set of services includes not just gamble games but also sports betting options, they sent emails in accordance with gamesters’ preferences. Thus, their subscribers became more excited & engaged.
  • PlayOJO. This gambling platform used such an approach to attract new players and make the existing ones stay & play more actively. The club managed to reach its purposes thanks to exceptional bonus offers, which had no wagering requirements. In the messages, this benefit was prominent, so the conversion and other rates significantly grew.


Email marketing’s an extremely powerful tool for gambling club promotion. It might help attract new punters, increase the conversion & retention rates, and reach many other goals. It’s crucial to use email marketing wisely, segment the audience, and create personalized content in order to make the desired impact. Following useful tips and measuring the results of campaigns regularly, it’s possible to constantly improve marketing strategies & campaigns to finally reach success.

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