Choosing an online casino platform

The right choice of an online casino platform can become a driving force for the successful growth of the casino business. For gamesters, many aspects connected with Internet gambling venues are important. Thus, it’s strongly recommended to consider each of them to make the most effective decision and attract more active customers to your club.

Licensing and Regulation

The first thing any user thinks about is security. To prove the gambling venue is reliable and worth attention, it should be based on a licensed online casino platform. It will demonstrate the fact that reputable authorities are responsible for its regulation. Thus, the facility follows certain rules and requirements when providing services to gamesters.

The presence of a license is a sign that the platform maintains definite standards of security and fairness. Besides, it’s better to pay attention to the type of licensor because not all of them are quite reliable. Licensors should have a good reputation and be recognized in the gambling area. Consider a few well-known licensors:

  • MGA. It’s the most widespread authority, which regulates thousands of Internet gambling facilities. The license is provided by Malta and has quite strict requirements to follow for gaming clubs.
  • UKGC. It’s a UK license, which has extremely strict rules for gaming establishments. Thus, such clubs usually guarantee fairness and effectively protect gamesters.
  • Curacao. This authority is the mildest compared to the previous ones. The requirements are less strict. However, Internet casinos still have to keep to certain requirements to be certified. The authority should also help in resolving various disputes between players and a gaming venue.
  • Kahnawake. This license is more common to provide services to Canadians. Gaming establishments with such operating permission are considered reliable and prestigious.

There are many other possible licenses, for instance, issued by European countries. It’s quite beneficial to have operating permission from an offshore authority because such countries usually have stable economic and political situations. Thus, there will unlikely be any problems with the platform and access to it in the future.

 Game Variety and Quality

The set of gambling products is extremely important because gamesters are interested in various games. And still, any of them wants to have access to high-quality stable products with good graphics. Punters are more likely to sign up for the best online casino platforms with a greater diversity of gambling products. Besides, pay attention to reputable developers and well-known titles.

It’s recommended to choose a casino online platform with the following categories:

  • Slots with various themes and features
  • Table & card gaming products
  • Live games.

Some online casino platforms can also offer specialty gaming products and various sports betting options. In addition, regular updates are required in order to make gamesters come back to the platform. New products should be added because the gambling industry doesn’t stand still.

Think about the more popular software developers and their products:

  • Microgaming
  • Play’n GO
  • Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Pragmatic Play
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech, and others.

Such providers regularly release new products and integrate innovations in order to make the gambling experience more exciting. Thus, their presence in a catalog will have a positive impact on punter acquisition and retention. Besides, many modern developers are also online casino platform suppliers, so they might help you build your business from scratch.

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User Experience and Interface

Another thing many gamesters pay attention to is the interface. When they open a website or app, they want to enjoy easy and comfortable navigation, clear classification of gambling products, and the presence of all the necessary information concerning various aspects. Let’s observe the key issues to consider user interface:

  • Simplicity. It’s better to avoid overloading and make the interface clean. All the game options as well as icons of products should be clearly visible. Avoid strange decorations and complicated designs. It’s not productive to try impressing gamesters with bright and fleshy graphics, which has nothing to do with their gambling experience. Minimalism in a design will help punters concentrate on gaming products and other options. Try to avoid extensive adverts, irritating pop-ups, and frequent notifications.
  • Understandable navigation. Note that for a gamester, it should not be a problem to find a certain section on the site. The information provided should be structured and easy to read and understand. Navigation should be intuitive for a punter. Consider the main menu, a search form with filters, game categories, and possible options gamesters can use to save or mark their favorite products.
  • Trust symbols. When gamesters see such signs, they relax and can start playing for fun or for cash without worries. Among those symbols, we can call SSL encryption seals, certification badges, logos of popular software brands, etc. Without such symbols, gamesters might have certain doubts.
  • Compatibility. Punters can use various devices for gambling. Many of them tend to use smartphones or tablets while others prefer PCs. It’s crucial to make sure online casino gaming platforms work stably and nicely on various devices, and the type of latest doesn’t influence the quality of interface and navigation.
  • Comfortable profile management. Gamesters shouldn’t face problems when it comes to making changes to their account, using various payments, and other options. The same concerns the sign-up process. Punters should be able to create an account quickly and easily. Additional options might make online casino gaming platforms more attractive. For example, it’s possible to add an automated detection of location.
  • Customization and personalization. It’s nice for punters when they can choose from several color schemes and background colors to make an interface more comfortable for their eyes. Besides, it’s much better when gambling products are offered based on their preferences and previous gaming experience.

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Security and Fair Play

One more significant issue to think about is security. Many gamesters are concerned about the security of their personal data and banking details. Besides, they want to be sure that transactions are transparent and fair. Due to this, it’s better to choose online casino software platforms with strong security measures. Along with a license, a gambling venue should provide:

  • Encryption. It guarantees that gamesters’ data and transactions will be safe and sound while sensitive details won’t be stolen by fraudsters or any third parties. The information should be kept confidential and protected from unauthorized access. The majority of reliable online casino platforms use SSL encryption, which provides a secure connection between a browser/app and an Internet gambling venue.
  • RNG. Game results should always be fair and random. For this, a random number generator is applied. It’s a complex algorithm, which is able to generate random and unpredictable sequences of numbers. The latest define an outcome of each game, while any manipulation becomes impossible.
  • Verification. Strong password requirements should be used along with two-factor identification. It helps prevent any unauthorized access. Besides, every profile should be verified to prevent access to a platform for fraudsters, underage gamers, or fake accounts.
  • Responsible gambling tools. A reliable online casino platform for sale is always ready to help gamesters with addiction and provide useful information to prevent it. Thus, it should offer not just a corresponding section but also useful tools, such as time and deposit limits as well as a self-exclusion program.

Payment and Withdrawal Options

When it comes to real-money play, gamesters want to enjoy diverse, safe, and comfortable options for various transactions. Punters live in various locations and use different currencies. Thus, they want to have a choice. Besides, the methods presented should be trusted and secure.

The following options are the most popular among gamesters:

  • Bankcards. It’s the most common option, which is comfortable for the majority of punters. They usually choose Visa or MasterCard for financial operations. It’s a good option because almost all modern people have cards, so they don’t need to create wallets or do any other actions to play for real cash.
  • Electronic wallets. It’s another widespread method in the gambling area. Many users have Skrill, Interac, Neteller, PayPal, or other accounts, which can be safely and comfortably used for transactions at Internet facilities. Besides, such methods are usually faster compared to cards.
  • Bank transfers. It’s not the fastest and most comfortable method. However, certain gamesters still use it in order to avoid the creation of wallets or card issues. Thus, it’s better to have such an option available.
  • Cryptocurrency. It’s very effective to add modern methods of payments, especially when they can provide additional security and anonymity. More gamesters today prefer using cryptos because they aren’t tied to the location and have a decentralized system, which prevents thefts. The most popular digital currencies are BTC, LTC, USDT, ETH, and a few others. Having such options on a platform, there are chances to attract a much wider audience.

The diversity of banking tools is also important due to various limitations. Gamesters can desire to deposit or withdraw smaller or greater amounts. Thus, certain options provide various limits. For instance, cryptos allow depositing smaller sums and withdrawing larger ones compared to other options.

Mobile Compatibility

This aspect has already been mentioned when we talk about the interface. However, it’s required to provide compatibility not only for the site interface. It’s important to make sure that all options and services can be comfortably used on a mobile device. It means punters can play any games, make refills, withdraw cash, take part in events, and do any other actions on both PCs and mobile devices. And the experience should be equally nice.

Mobile-friendliness is crucial today for the following reasons:

  • The number of mobile users keeps growing. The statistics show that the number of smartphone users outnumbers the desktop ones. Over 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices in the early 2020s.
  • Positive brand experience. A reputable platform should take care of its image and offer not only a nice desktop version but also a wonderful mobile design. It influences the general perception.
  • Competitiveness. The gambling area is extremely competitive. To have a mobile-compatible platform isn’t an advantage, it’s more a necessity. As a result, you won’t lose reputation points and will be able to compete with other brands.
  • User experience. Mobile-friendly resources provide a better experience thanks to the appropriate sizes of the screen and all the elements of the site as well as nice interactivity. Besides, such platforms are faster to load, which makes a better impression.

According to the studies, mobile-optimized platforms bring higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates.

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Marketing and Promotion Tools

The use of diverse promotional tools will add to the development of any casino business. The following techniques might be successfully used:

  • Segmentation and personalization. When gamesters are divided into groups according to their gender, age, preferences, and other features, it becomes much easier to use a more personalized approach. Thus, customers feel valued and are more likely to stay or return.
  • Loyalty and VIP programs. Regular punters are more likely to spend more time (and cash) with you if they see that they are important. There are various ways to motivate them with loyalty points or exclusive bounties. As a result, they can start playing more frequently to get those benefits.
  • Regular promos. There are more reasons for gamesters to be active with attractive offers available on a regular basis. Reload bounties might be offered on a weekly or monthly basis as well as in the definite hours of the day.
  • Cross-promotion. Cooperation with other reputable brands might help grow your facility by introducing your brand to a new audience interested in gambling.
  • Affiliate programs. It’s very productive to have affiliates who can promote your platform on their sites, blogs, and social networks. It’s just required to create attractive conditions to find them.
  • Referral bonuses. Make gamesters more engaged with you by offering a reward for the invitation of a friend.
  • An attractive welcome reward. To stimulate new sign-ups and refills, offer a pleasant addition for newbies. Such exclusive offers usually include a generous match bonus and additional spins. Just make certain the conditions are clearly described.
  • Content marketing. It will be effective to write certain expert articles in blogs and provide descriptions of games or various strategies for gambling. Such posts or videos can be placed on a website or social network.
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Customer Support and Assistance

For the majority of gamesters, professional and responsive customer assistance is significant. It’s possible to boost all online casino gaming platforms through high-quality services, which positively influence gamester engagement and satisfaction. It becomes possible for the following reasons:

  • Punters can obtain answers quickly and easily resolve their problems
  • Gamesters will obtain more personalized assistance and get solutions depending on their specific needs
  • Regular communication and notifications can help punters not miss various offers and new releases or bounties
  • Good user assistance is available around the clock, so punters from various parts of the world can get help at a comfortable time
  • Users have access to various channels of communication, including live chats, emails, social networks, and even phone numbers
  • With constant communication, it’s possible to get feedback from customers and make improvements when necessary.

Every reputable gambling establishment has a professional team of agents who can help gamesters with different questions and problems. It’s possible to organize your own department or to hire an outsourcing company.

Scalability and Flexibility

The world keeps changing just like punters’ needs and preferences. Due to this, it’s vital to have a platform that can be easily adapted to such changes. There are a few aspects that provoke the need for scalable and flexible new online casino platforms:

  • Changes in regulations. It’s vital to be able to adapt to new requirements in order to avoid penalties.
  • The creation of new technologies. A reputable facility should be up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations, for instance, mobile gambling, virtual reality, and others.
  • Punters’ demands. All gaming products and other services should be easily adapted to the punters’ needs. The same concerns the interface.
  • Significant competition. The number of Internet facilities is constantly growing. Many of them integrate new technologies and become more popular. Thus, it’s necessary to stay adaptive in order not to lag behind.
  • New threats. Today, there are much higher risks of cyber threats. As a result, it’s required to be ready to use advanced measures of protection.
  • Innovative banking tools. Today, more new methods appear. Look at, for instance, cryptocurrencies, which become more and more widespread. Gambling venues should be able to add new options to meet the demands of gamesters.
  • Advanced requirements for assistance. For modern gamesters, it’s important to get not just personalized help but to obtain such offers and opportunities in time. Reputable facilities use live chats with bots and experienced agents to help users resolve their issues faster and more effectively.

With a flexible platform, it’s possible to provide almost effortless growth of an Internet gambling venue in the modern changeable world.

Costs and Fees

When selecting suitable online casino game platforms, it’s always necessary to consider your budget. It means that it’s crucial to understand both obvious and hidden expenses connected with it. Could you make your own online casino platform? It’s possible but it will be much more complicated and costly. Thus, it’s better to purchase or rent a reliable one. The following issue should be taken into account when it concerns the establishment of an Internet gambling venue:

  • Legal issues. A license will require investments. Different licensors have different costs. Operating permissions are active within a certain period. Sometimes you will have to pay just once to be certified. In other cases, it will be necessary to pay for a license and then pay monthly/yearly fees. Always be attentive when reading the conditions every licensor has.
  • Software. It’s required to find reliable partners represented by game developers. Besides, many of them can help you set up and further manage the platform. To get access to a greater diversity of products and software providers, larger investments will be required (if that’s not a White Label option). Here, again, you will need to pay for a license to legally use original products.
  • Staff. It’s impossible to manage the facility all alone. Thus, the help of professionals will be required. It’s possible to build your own team (which is usually more expensive) or look for an experienced outsourcing company. Staff will be necessary for the organization of assistance, operation management, marketing, financial, and other functional issues.
  • Payment tools integration. It will be required to pay for each tool in your payment gateway. The more of them you’d like to add, the higher the expenses will be.
  • Website. Web design and website maintenance also require investments. Thus, you will need to pay for servers, various security services applied, the work of your IT team, etc.

Case Studies

Let’s have a look at several examples of real Internet gambling establishments, which chose the right platform to build their businesses:

1. PokerStars. It’s one of the oldest Internet clubs, which decided to use a high-quality and adaptive platform. Thanks to this, the owners managed to transform a poker-oriented facility into a more modern and exciting club for gamesters. Today, they offer not just various versions of poker but also advanced slots with various themes from reputable developers.

2. Bitstarz. This modern facility tries to keep up with the times. Their platform is highly adaptive, so it managed to naturally integrate cryptos into their banking system in order to meet the requirements of modern gamesters.

3. LeoVegas. The platform chosen for this facility was wonderful for adaptation for various mobile devices. As a result, the Internet casino is now known as mobile-first. The collection of products is wide and includes all popular categories, so a great number of punters can enjoy the experience here.

4. Mr. Green. This facility is award-winning. The platform allows it to offer diverse sorts of gambling products, including live games. Besides, thanks to its adaptability, the club offers various responsible gambling tools to help punters and prevent cases of addiction.

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The right choice of a platform for a gambling venue is crucial to reach success. The choice should be made after considering such issues as licensing, security, software, interface, assistance, scalability, and flexibility. Take the punters’ demands into account and choose a platform from a reliable online casino platform provider to create a nice and competitive facility that can naturally grow and develop in accordance with modern trends and innovations.

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