Technological progress gave new tools to the gambling operators, knowledge of which allows to make gambling safer and more interesting for users and also to optimize the working process of companies.

The principles of responsible gambling are the starting point of doing gambling business. Despite the fact that technical progress and constant improvement of working tools of gambling companies strongly simplify and streamline the work, a lot of new challenges appeared in the industry. All sides involved in organization and management of gambling processes work together to create the safest ground for users. That is why modern tools of client`s protection are important task not only for gambling regulators and government, but for gambling companies too. Besides theoretical content, which may not always hold in practice, it is important to consider the specifics of gambling segments – land-based and online.

Modern tools of client`s protection

Land-based casinos
Land-based casinos always have to keep a wary eye of the contingent of visitors, so each casino has a set of rules regarding to appearance, manners and behavior of clients. For instance, it is strictly forbidden to visit casinos in the state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, to carry piercing and cutting items, weapons or flammable substances. For non-compliance with the rules the casino can refuse client in visit and add him to the blacklist. All of these limitations are necessary not only to create a special atmosphere of luxury and calm, but in order to protect t clients.

During the visitors checking security considers the fact whether the client is in the list of self-excluded players. Many gambling establishments install facial recognition technology in order to protect self-excluded players from temptation. These systems operate around the world and can be either in Macau or in Spain.

Online casino: world practice

In the context of security online gambling has a number of specific features. Despite the fact that physically the client may be in safety, there is a risk of personal data loss, including financial information.

In the EU, which is the largest gambling market in the world, there were developed Rules of personal data protection or GDPR Rules. Its essence is that any company dealing with the collection, processing or storage of personal data must comply with strict regulations. These rules can relate both to the merits of a request for particular personal information and to software requirements , used to ensure the information security.

Another effective tool for users’ protection is self exclusion programs, which are also operating in land-based casinos. In fact, it is the user`s opportunity to put his name in the register of people, who will be refused the services of online gambling, by himself. This mechanism has been developed for people suffering from gambling addiction.

There is a story of ups and downs of the self-exclusion programs. The experience of Belarus is interesting in this context. Initially, each individual gambling establishment ( industry is considered as a whole one without online and offline segmentation ) had its own registry. Ultimately, it led to the fact that the player, who ban himself to visit one casino, then went to another one. A solution to this problem was the creation of common registries in each jurisdiction.

Besides self-exclusion programs there is a special procedure of registration and authentication in online casinos. A common practice of the American system is that a client should register and present the necessary documents in land-based casino or betting shops for sport in order to gain access to online gambling. The representatives of some casinos explain that registration is one-time, a client does not need to visit land-based gambling establishments every time when he has the desire to play. The procedure is necessary to ensure that the client does not use a borrowed or fake ID. Moreover, in this way the cases of minors-gamblers are cut off.

The exclusion from gambling entertainment of minors, in turn, is one of the main tasks of operators and regulators. Advertising restrictions are so important. (If you are interested in promoting of gambling brand read please Casino Online Marketing) In the UK, for example, they are not mandatory, but voluntary. Some countries go another way and forbid gambling operators to advertise their product at all.

Online and offline gambling: who wins

The industry of online gambling is developing rapidly, despite the obvious limitations. Some experts believe that it is logical continuation of the land based segment, whilst others think that it is domination and displacement attempt of traditional gambling establishments.

The good example is Sweden. Gambling market in the country presents both land-based and online casinos. You should remember that online gambling in the state was restarted on 1 January of the current year, so it is very young. Land-based gambling of Sweden is represented be 6 land-based casinos and 6 poker rooms.

The state gambling operator of the country Svenska Spel stated that income in land based gambling declined to 14% in the first half of 2019. At the same time the income from the unit Sport&Casino increased by 5%.

Some casino representatives say that modern tools of gambling operators are diverse and not only contribute to ensuring a level of users protection, but they have a tendency of a continuous complication and improving safety systems. This is true in both business segments.


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