Sky Bet, like other gambling operators, is facing scrutiny from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) for potentially appealing to under-18s in their advertisements. The ASA recently investigated a promoted tweet by Sky Bet that featured a video clip from The Overlap football podcast with Neville discussing Premier League teams’ prospects. The video prominently displayed the Sky Bet logo and the text “BROUGHT TO YOU BY SKY BET.”

The primary concern raised by the ASA was whether Neville, the individual in the ad, had a strong appeal to those under 18, which would violate advertising guidelines. In response, Sky Bet emphasized its collaboration with the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) to ensure compliance with regulations, especially in protecting under-18s in gambling and lottery advertising.

Sky Bet argued that Neville, as a prominent football pundit, no longer had strong appeal to children or young people. They pointed out that The Overlap, a YouTube series sponsored by the company and hosted by Neville, targeted an adult audience and discussed adult topics such as football from various perspectives.

Sky Bet provided statistics showing that the majority of The Overlap’s audience was adults, with only a small percentage falling within the 13-17 age range. Despite this, the ASA ruled that due to Neville’s significant number of social media followers under 18 (over 135,000), he still had a strong appeal to this age group. As a result, the ad was found to breach the advertising code, and Sky Bet was warned against using individuals with strong appeal to under-18s in their future advertising.

This incident comes as Sky Bet extends its partnership with Neville for a new football series and continues to sponsor The Overlap YouTube channel. It is just another chapter in Sky Bet’s involvement in sports and entertainment, which includes a recent extension with the English Football League (EFL) and efforts to promote responsible gambling.

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