In the advertisement, a young man shares his positive experience with playing Happy Tiger Bingo games. However, there was a complaint filed regarding the age of the individual in the ad.

The UK has implemented a policy called Challenge 25, which requires individuals to be at least 18 years old to enter certain establishments like bars and casinos. Under this policy, anyone who appears to be 25 or older must carry identification to confirm their age. Failure to provide identification results in being denied entry or participating in the activity.

By labeling the individual in the ad as a postgraduate student, it is implied that they fall within the 18-25 age range. The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) supports this assumption based on the individual’s self-conscious body language and use of filler words.

Happy Tiger Bingo was able to verify the actor’s age at the time of recording by submitting a birth certificate to the ASA. However, the ASA determined that viewers would still be unable to confirm whether the individual in the ad is over 25.

As a result, the ruling concluded that the ad cannot be aired again in its current form. Happy Tiger Bingo is also advised to avoid featuring anyone who appears to be under 25 in their future ads.

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