Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) CEO, Kai Cantwell, emphasizes the importance of a new measure that would enable wagering service providers to spot and prevent underage individuals and self-excluded individuals from using their services. Cantwell also highlights that this measure would help combat money laundering and terrorism financing risks. The RWA is pleased that the Commonwealth Government has adopted pre-verification, as it aligns with their support for safer gambling practices. By implementing pre-verification, online wagering operators can continue to advertise safer gambling tools and prompt customers to set deposit limits upon registration. Additionally, RWA members have integrated various tools into the National Consumer Protection Framework (NCPF) to ensure safe gambling. Cantwell expresses eagerness for the evaluation of the NCPF, as RWA aims to actively contribute and ensure effective consumer protections that promote responsible gambling. Cantwell notes that although online wagering providers offer a high level of safety, consistent regulation across all forms of gambling is crucial for reducing gambling harm.

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