Today, the Federal Parliament has taken a significant step to protect customers and their loved ones by approving legislation that bans the use of credit cards for online wagering. This important measure has been widely supported by Responsible Wagering Australia (RWA) and its members.

Kai Cantwell, CEO of RWA, emphasized the importance of this action, stating that it will make it easier for people to maintain control over their gambling behavior. The ban on credit card use will be a valuable addition to the range of safer gambling tools already provided by RWA members to their customers.

While supporting the ban, Cantwell expressed disappointment that lotteries and keno have been exempted from the legislation. Lotteries, being the most widespread form of gambling in Australia, are widely accessible to individuals in low-socioeconomic communities.

RWA has been actively working with the Federal Government and financial services since 2021 to bring about this ban on credit card use. This collaboration is aimed at protecting customers and ensuring responsible gambling practices.

In October 2023, RWA participated in GambleAware Week alongside NSW, promoting awareness of support services and responsible betting habits. During this week, RWA also expressed concerns about illegal offshore operators who evade Australian laws, taxes, and consumer protection measures.

The new legislation comes at a crucial time, as Australia continues to face challenges related to unlicensed online wagering services. These services not only impact tax revenue but also pose risks to consumer protection. In fact, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) recently issued a formal warning to Best Bookies’ Price Pty Ltd for operating an unlicensed online wagering service.

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