Casino analytics software

Casino analytics software Casino analytics software is the software, allowing analyzing the popularity of slots, tracking the gamblers’ behavior and interests of your users. Eventually, the use of most analytics software is to improve earnings through the personification of your offers and the full utilization of the principle “Know Your Client”. Below, we are considering […]

Casino algorithm software

Сasino algorithm software The casino algorithm software is what makes gamblers see certain combinations in a game on their screen when playing online. This is true for all kinds of games: cards, roulette, games of chance like video slots, bingo, wheels of fortune, and live dealer games. Every combination is programmed in a certain way. […]

Casino accounting software

Casino accounting software Every online and offline casino needs accounting. Especial importance is given to the selection of software suitable for online casinos considering that thousands of operations can happen per minute. Using specifically elaborated accounting tools is a must to achieve financial transparency of the organization to the people working in it, as well […]

Casino software companies

Definition and overview of aspects of the business of casino software companies The casino software companies are manufacturers (also called makers or developers) of online casino software, which is responsible for various aspects of the functioning of online casinos: games (roulette, slots, table games, card games, lotteries, and a variety of others), websites, payments, accounting, […]

Casino public relations

Casino public relations How many mysterious interesting things are hidden in this phrase. Every PR manager who works in the gambling industry wakes up and lays down with one thought - how to establish a public relations in the casino brand. The BoomAff team also asked this question. However, thanks to our experience in gambling, [...]

Casino marketing strategies

Casino marketing strategies  Different specialists can develop completely different promotion strategies for a brand. In order to delve into these issues, we pay attention to the very concept of marketing strategy. Marketing strategy is, as a rule, a long-term plan for the implementation of the company's commercial and corporate goals. As a part of these [...]

Casino marketing program

What is a casino marketing program? Casino Marketing program is a document that sets out, substantiates details of the marketing goals and marketing plans of an online casino. A marketing program is the result of the work done by a department or marketing service and, at the same time, a solid basement for the future. [...]

Casino marketing expert

How to become a casino marketing expert Marketing is a paradoxical discipline. If you call three different accountants and show them the same financial report, they will give you plus or minus the same assessment. Perhaps they will differ in estimates of the complexity of the project to improve accounting and maybe they will differ [...]

Casino Marketing Agency

What are the differences between advertising and a casino marketing agency. Advertising and marketing agencies use different paths for business development. Advertising agencies specialize in communication programs, such as advertising and direct marketing. PR agency builds relations with the media, regulates crises and builds a business reputation. The agency contacts journalists, creates draft press releases [...]