Elevate Your AML Game The Danish Gambling Authority’s Essential Training

Money laundering and the financing of terrorism remain significant challenges for the gambling industry. Compliance officers, online casinos, and AML professionals are on the frontline of this battle, ensuring that stringent laws and regulations are enforced. In a move to bolster these efforts, the Danish Gambling Authority (Spillemyndigheden) is hosting its third round of anti-money […]

Unveiling the Indonesian Government’s Crackdown on Gambling

The Indonesian government is making waves with its latest move to investigate suspected gambling activities within its own ministries and agencies. This bold step has captivated legal analysts, gamblers, and government officials alike, sparking widespread interest in the potential outcomes and implications. In this blog post, we will explore the Indonesian Online Gambling Eradication Task […]

When the Game Turns Risky – The Rising Threat of Illegal Euro 2024 Gambling

In the excitement of Euro 2024, while fans across the globe are engrossed in the thrilling matches, a darker side of sports betting has emerged. Recently, Chinese authorities cracked down on illegal gambling operations, arresting 21 individuals in Beijing. This post explores the implications of these arrests for sports bettors, Euro 2024 fans, and legal […]

New Quarterly Reporting Rules for Online Casinos

The Gambling Commission’s recent updates to quarterly reporting rules might feel like just another regulatory hoop to jump through, but they actually have far-reaching implications for online casinos. Whether you’re a seasoned industry veteran or a newcomer looking to make your mark, understanding these changes is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll break down everything […]

Kambi Group’s Bold Move to Retract 2027 Financial Targets

In a surprising turn of events, Kambi Group’s Board of Directors has decided to retract its previously stated 2027 financial targets. This decision comes amid underperformance in key global markets, attributed to poor regulatory progress. For investors, financial analysts, and stock market enthusiasts, this development raises critical questions about the company’s future prospects and strategic […]

Arcades Under Scrutiny KSA Urges Better Duty of Care

Arcades have long been a staple of entertainment for families and gamers alike. These venues, filled with flashing lights and exciting games, offer a unique escape. But behind the fun lies a serious concern—gambling addiction. The Gaming Authority (KSA) has recently highlighted the need for improved duty of care in arcades across the Netherlands. In […]

Safeguarding Tomorrow A New Partnership Elevates Player Protection in the UK

In an industry where player safety is paramount, a significant new partnership has been formed. The Vulnerability Registration Service (VRS) has joined forces with the Department of Trust to revolutionize how gambling operators in the UK safeguard vulnerable individuals. This development promises to strengthen player protection measures and ensure compliance with emerging regulations. The collaboration […]

Unveiling the Crackdown on Illegal Betting Rings in Malaysia and Singapore

In a significant joint operation, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Royal Malaysia Police (RMP) successfully dismantled a transnational illegal betting ring. This collaborative effort resulted in the arrest of 41 men and two women, aged between 34 and 82, who were involved in online illegal betting operations. This post will explore the details of […]

Suspicion and Scandal in Macau’s Gaming Sector: Bribe Allegations Shake Industry

In recent news, the gaming industry in Macau has been rocked by a scandal involving a supervisor suspected of accepting bribes from job applicants. This revelation has significant implications for gaming enthusiasts, legal professionals, and anti-corruption advocates alike. In this post, we’ll explore the details of the case, the investigation’s findings, and the broader implications […]

A New Era in Danish iGaming Regulation — What You Need to Know

The Danish iGaming industry is about to experience a significant transformation. With exciting new regulations and a more structured market on the horizon, it’s crucial for iGaming enthusiasts and regulatory experts to stay informed. This blog post will explore the evolution of Danish regulatory measures and their impact on the iGaming industry. We’ll cover everything […]

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