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Gambling & Crypto

Opening a business bank account in high-risk industries such as gambling and crypto can be challenging due to regulatory and financial scrutiny. BoomAff offers comprehensive solutions to facilitate account opening, payment gateways, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Why Choose BoomAff?

Expertise in Risk Management:

We understand the intricacies of high-risk industries and offer tailored financial solutions.

Compliance Support:

Ensuring adherence to AML, KYC, and other regulatory standards.

Seamless Transactions:

Optimized payment processing and high transaction limits for smooth operations.

Our Services:

Account Opening:

Assistance in preparing and submitting documentation for account setup.

Payment Gateway

Connecting your business with fiat and cryptocurrency payment gateways.


Guidance on meeting legal and regulatory requirements.


Creation of necessary documentation to support your business operations.

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Three Key Advantages of Partnering with BoomAff

Global Banking

Extensive network of banking partners worldwide and deep industry knowledge.


Individual solutions and support for each client through every step of the account opening process.

High Approval Rates and Fast Processing:

Quick approval times and minimal delays due to strong relationships with banks.

Client Testimonials and Success Stories

Success Story from the CTO at cosmicslot.com


Expansion of payment interface and banking capabilities for 170+ countries.


Challenge and Vision:

Expanding payment capabilities and improving technical integration.


Role of BoomAff:

Finding banks, selecting service packages, coordinating account openings, and implementing payment gateways.

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