The British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) and Instant Win Gaming (IWG) have joined forces to bring an exciting new gaming experience to players. Set for Life, a popular retail brand, is now available both in retail outlets and online through

With the launch of Set for Life on, players can now enjoy an omnichannel experience, seamlessly transitioning between the physical retail game and the online version. The online game features various game skins that mirror the visuals of the retail game.

Charlene Nielson, Director of Enterprise Games at BCLC, expressed her excitement about this development, highlighting the organization’s commitment to creating engaging experiences for players. She emphasized how leveraging their popular retail brands allows them to drive growth and provide entertaining options for their players.

In addition to being available in British Columbia, Set for Life is now accessible to players in Manitoba through BCLC’s iGaming platform. Jason Lisiecki, EVP Global at IWG, shared his enthusiasm for this collaboration, emphasizing their expertise in creating online adaptations of popular scratch-off games that introduce retail players to the digital channel.

With Set for Life, BCLC and IWG aim to extend the reach of the retail brand and offer players the chance to win prizes through online play. This partnership builds on their successful collaboration, which has already resulted in the launch of over 70 titles with BCLC.

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