Beau Rivage, one of the top casinos in town, has just unveiled its latest addition – a sleek and modern poker room. This new facility is part of a multi-million dollar project that aims to revamp the entire gaming environment for poker lovers.

Poker players at Beau Rivage can now rejoice as they have a permanent home that is conveniently located closer to the casino entrance and the base of the escalators, where major poker tournaments are held. The room has been designed keeping the players’ preferences in mind, offering a contemporary and comfortable playing environment.

Architects from Dietz & Co. have worked their magic to create a poker room that exudes the charm of Southern hospitality. The light walls with hints of bright blue perfectly complement the overall aesthetics of Beau Rivage.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics – the poker room is equipped with everything a player needs for an immersive experience. There’s a four-window cashier’s cage, a display of forms, and multiple HDTVs for players to stay updated on their favorite games. The poker room is now open every day from 10am to 4am, offering a variety of daily tournaments and promotions.

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