The Gaming Commission (GC) in Belgium has released the licence fees for 2024. These fees will be paid by operators in the country to cover operating, personnel, and establishment costs. The amount varies depending on the class of the licence.

The contributions were outlined in a royal decree approved by the Council of Ministers based on a proposal from Minister of Justice Paul Van Tigchelt. Currently, the decree has not been published, so payment invitations have not been sent to licence holders.

Once the decree is published, licence holders can expect to receive the payment invitations. The amount to be paid in 2024 ranges from €22,085 ($24,193) to €123 ($135), with class A and G1 permit holders expected to pay the highest amount and G2 permit holders paying the lowest.

The licence classes in Belgium are as follows: A, A+, B, B+, C, D, E, F1, F1+, G1, and G2. A-class licences are for land-based casinos, B for slot machines, E for manufacturers, F for betting, and G for media games. C and D licences refer to cafe and staff licences respectively. D-class permits do not have a specified contribution price.

In addition to issuing gaming licences, the GC also monitors industry trends in Belgium and compiles reports on player behavior. A September 2023 report found that 62% of 18–30-year-olds surveyed gambled once a month or less, with 13% playing daily. The survey also revealed that only 36% of participants could distinguish between legal and illegal gambling sites.

On another note, Pragmatic Play has launched its live casino games in Belgium in partnership with Gaming1, the owner of the Circus brand. The games will also be available on Circus’ website in the Netherlands.

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