The VAD, an expert center in Belgium, is advocating for changes to gambling laws. Specifically, they want the age for online gambling to be raised from 18 to 21. Currently, brick-and-mortar casinos have an age restriction of 21, which also applies to online casinos. However, online games of chance like sports betting and lotteries can be played by those who are 18 or older. The VAD believes that sports betting in particular is a gateway to gambling addiction for young players. They point to the 2022 World Cup, where over 43,000 new gamblers under the age of 30 registered on licensed gambling sites in Belgium. By raising the age for online sports betting to 21, the VAD hopes to prevent addictive gambling behavior in young adults. Additionally, the VAD is calling for changes to healthcare policies to include addiction in insurance coverage. Belgium has already implemented measures to combat gambling addiction, including a ban on gambling advertisements. Recently, the Belgian Gaming Commission also announced the license fees for 2024, which range from €22,085 ($24,193) to €123.

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