A white-label solution for online gaming venues becomes more widespread every year. There are numerous cases of implementing online casino white label in the global iGaming industry. In this article, we’re exploring the benefits of the WL solution.

The Benefits of Establishing a White Label Gaming Venue

The implementation of WL software has numerous benefits:

  1. Quick time to market compared to the development of a solution from scratch (which is the costliest and longest option in the market). All solutions offered under this scheme are capable of being tailored to the desires of the orderer in terms of embedded business processes, regulatory compliance, branding, operation support, scalability, the catalog of games & other important issues. Since most options are based on a modular principle, it is possible to switch the necessary modules on and off during the tailoring stage to receive a product that matches exactly the needs of a client in a relatively short time. After it is delivered to a client and installed on the infrastructure, it is possible for the staff of the gaming venue’s mother company to start working in the system immediately.
  2. Cost efficiency. It takes significantly smaller costs to receive a product (compared to the turnkey solutions and developing them from scratch). Companies offering WL software, as a rule, have extensive experience in reducing the launch cost and time for their clients, especially those who have done it dozens of times.
  3. Low technical complexity. As a rule, top-notch WL pieces of software need from no to little technical expertise for clients who want to open and run a new gambling establishment under their brand. WL providers ensure as smooth a process as possible for their customers, handling all tech issues themselves or giving significant help in it.
  4. Operational support is given to all betting facilities that want to acquire WL software in terms of support for clients, technical issues, financial issues, business processes, reporting, management, handling arising functional issues, etc.
  5. Access to great technological and business infrastructures. Any modern WL software works on the established infrastructure of a company-provider, which makes it possible for a gaming venue not to have its own infrastructure. That reduces the maintenance cost and the initial investments in fixed assets aimed at building the infrastructure.
  6. Scalability is possible when a gaming parlor wants to expand/shrink, enter new markets, add more interface languages or payment options, add or reduce a gaming catalog, etc. The scalability is already taken into account in the white label online casino cost.
  7. Excellent brand customization. Nobody will be able to tell whether a house of gambling is running someone else’s solution since all branding elements will correspond to the branding of a client: texts, videos, images, GIFs, HTML parts, names & colors. Total control over branding is one of the crucial factors why businesses opt for a white label casino.
  8. Regulatory compliance. Although that does not come for granted that any white label online casino will be 100% compliant with particular geo requirements in regulations, this issue is addressed during the tailoring stage, when the solution is prepared for specific customer’s needs. Modern solutions embrace compliance with regulations in all popular geos.
  9. A client is given a well-operating system without technical bugs, glitches & inconsistencies, which can arise during the in-house development of software from scratch.

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Providers of White Label Casino Software

While there are many offers of white label casino software in the market, we have composed a list of the top providers of WL solutions:

  1. BoomAff.
  2. SoftSwiss.
  3. EveryMatrix.
  4. Aspire Global.
  5. Nektan.
  6. ProgressPlay.
  7. TAIN.
  8. Dragonfish.
  9. Digitain.
  10. NetEnt.
  11. PlayTech.
  12. Microgaming.
  13. RTG.
  14. Betsoft.
  15. Pragmatic Play.
  16. IGT.
  17. Yggdrasil.

On the list, there are some popular game providers for the iGaming sphere (those companies who provide games for online gaming venues). That’s because they are companies of a large spectrum that have many offers on the table, including back-office and front-office solutions for gaming houses.

Before choosing a company that will provide this or that white label crypto casino software, it is necessary to explore the markets they do their software for. For instance, a specific company may have a license suiting only some markets, such as the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Curacao, etc. There are also companies that operate in more or all markets. Under the term “markets” we understand the jurisdiction of gambling licenses they suit their software for. 

 What is a white label online casino?

Marketing Casino with a White Label

Marketing is one of a few things that are usually not covered by the WL approach. This business task is left to gaming venues themselves: they have to put their own efforts into elaborating on the programs of client acquisition and retention, which is all about finding new clients, creating approaches in marketing and advertising, retaining the clients & re-activating them. Some WL companies also offer standard marketing packages but, as a rule, every gambling establishment wants to be specific and unique in these efforts to outrun their competitors.

Thus, specific marketing of a gaming venue, whether it is built on a WL solution or not, includes the following basic business processes:

  • creation of a brand identity
  • SEO, SMM & content marketing
  • white label casino affiliate program
  • cooperation with influencers, sponsors & other partners
  • email marketing
  • programs of bonuses and other remunerations
  • mobile optimization.

What makes white label casino solutions so attractive?

We have already listed at the beginning of this article the advantages of a white label casino app for gaming venues. Let’s boil them down to vivid attraction points to business owners:

  1. Fast deployment time. When a business wants to open a new house of gambling, it takes quite an insignificant time to do so. From the idea of having a new business wing to its full implementation and running, only several weeks or a few months pass. This time includes the stage of the search for a suitable provider of a WL solution, negotiations, tailoring the software, its installation & training of staff.
  2. Cost. There are no free white label casino solutions out there but the cost of the implementation is quite low, something about tens of thousands of dollars for receiving a fully functional system that handles all the gaming processes that a gambling establishment has: regular and live dealer games, bonuses, money flows, user registration and management, fraud prevention, tournaments, customer support, etc.
  3. No need to have technical expertise to obtain and run a WL solution. Experts from top companies-providers will take their customers through the entire process of the implementation of the software and its tech integrations. When some tech issues arise that require tech expertise on the side of a client, a provider usually offers their help in terms of an in-house or a third-party specialist, who can handle them for extra white label casino cost (since it’s usually based on an hourly payment, it will not take much from the client’s budget).
  4. Focus on strategic business processes. While a provider of a WL solution does its job, a mother company of a house of gambling can focus on acquiring and retaining clients, building brand identity, working on bonus programs & launching marketing campaigns to build credibility and recognizability in a highly competitive iGambling environment.  

Online casino white label advantages exposed

Now that we’ve reviewed what is a white label casino, it is time to dive a bit deeper into the core advantages of this solution.

Launching a Brand of Your Own

Any branding can be built into WL software, which will be visible for the employees of the mother company of a betting facility and for its gamesters:

  • Logo
  • Visual elements of brand identity (font faces and sizes, colors and their combinations in a color theme & scheme)
  • Images, sounds, icons, GIFs, videos, banners & their styles
  • UI design
  • Branded messaging (such as emails and other promo materials)
  • Exclusive games and game providers
  • Loyalty programs
  • Event sponsorship and partnering
  • Terms and conditions.

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Obtaining a Ready-Made Product

Ready-made white label online casino software incorporates all basic elements:

  • Game and game provider catalog
  • User registration, authentication & management 
  • KYC and AML procedures
  • Anti-fraud procedures
  • Data analysis for back office staff of a house of gambling
  • Payment integration (fiat and crypto payments, such as deposits, withdrawals, betting in games, bonuses & winnings)
  • Technical security features
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Cross-platform and mobile compatibility
  • Customer support
  • Programs of affiliate management
  • Support of multiple languages and currencies
  • Integration with third-party systems and software
  • Features of responsible gaming
  • Scalability
  • Software updates
  • Support from company-provider for technical issues and business processes.
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Starting Operation Instantly

A gambling company can quickly launch and operate its gaming venue without the need for extensive development or technical setup after casino white label solutions are received from a provider. To work in the back office and front office interface of the system, training will be required for the staff of the gambling company, where they find out how to work in the system, how business processes are set up and run, where in the interface they can perform certain functions, etc. After the training is done, they can log in and start working. To speed up the start of work, training is organized before the launch of the system, usually, during its tailoring stage (when a WL solution is being tuned to the needs of a specific client).

No Necessity for Specialized Skills

During the implementation of a WL solution in houses of gambling, their employees are not required to have any special skills concerning the technical and technological parts of the process. This is because a solution of white label casino frees them of that because it comes with extensive coverage from the providing company. WL has a pre-built infrastructure, functionality & design. It also has automation of all basic and auxiliary processes, which can be fine-tuned and executed in a user-friendly interface. All working templates are pre-made. Services are integrated. And there is extensive support at every stage of the implementation phase.

Fewer Efforts to Exert

Since a WL solution is pre-made and tailored to the specific needs of every client, a mother company of a house of gambling only has to tell its needs to the company-provider to do the tailoring:

  • What business processes they have and would like to have
  • What games and their providers do they need in the catalogs
  • In what jurisdiction(s) they work, which impacts the payment options, KYC, AML & fraud prevention procedures
  • What data analysis and reporting do they need
  • How they would like to manage their clients and run advertising campaigns, etc.

These business requirements are collected, discussed & then implemented by a company, which is a vendor of a WL solution, which means that fewer efforts are required from the staff of a mother company of a gaming venue during the tailoring of the WL solution to its needs.

Availability of High-Quality Software

Every latest piece of casino white label software is designed and programmed using the latest technologies, with periodic updates happening to improve its speed, protection, security, features & compatibility with the latest technologies. A huge advantage of WL software is that a company vendor takes care of all these tech updates, making it possible for a mother company of a gambling establishment to focus on its core business tasks.

Considerable Cost Savings

Compared to the development of a tech solution from scratch, WL saves not only time but also cost. It can be tens of times cheaper than the development from scratch during the implementation stage and its daily operation. Companies-owners of gaming parlors only pay for regular support and maintenance to white label casino providers, the price of which is agreed upon and specified in the contract.

 Where to find white label casino software?

Final thoughts

White label casino solutions are a modern option for many online gaming venues across the globe. There exist dozens of kinds of these solutions, so any gaming venue is free to select the one that suits their needs the best. If you need a thorough consultation about WL, it is possible to contact us & we’ll have a productive discussion about the choice of a white label casino solution that suits your needs the best.

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