Betby, a sportsbook supplier, recently hosted a charity auction as part of their fifth anniversary celebrations. The proceeds from the event will go towards supporting Common Ground – a community centre based in Riga. This centre will be using the funds to organize a special Christmas celebration for children who have been affected by the war in Ukraine.

In order to maximize their fundraising efforts, Betby generously decided to double the money raised by the campaign before donating it to the community centre. This gesture reflects the company’s commitment to giving back to their staff and the wider community in Riga.

Betby’s CEO, Leonid Pertsovskiy, expressed his gratitude and excitement for celebrating their five-year anniversary in such a meaningful way. He emphasized the importance of their talented and dedicated staff, acknowledging that their contributions have been instrumental in the company’s success.

The auction featured a variety of unique items, generously provided by the company’s executives and leaders. These included opportunities such as a golf session with CEO Leonid Pertsovskiy, a dinner and wine tasting experience with COO Eva Berkova, a scenic marine boat trip with CCO Chris Nikolopoulos, a t-shirt designed by Head of Design Sergey Grabinkyi, and even a fun karaoke night with Senior PO Aglaja Geta.

This charity event is just one of the many ways in which Betby has been actively involved with the Common Ground community centre throughout the year. Their partnership aims to support the integration efforts of individuals who have been displaced by the war in Ukraine.

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