Australian sports betting operator, Betr, is seeking extra time to pay out its customers after a highly successful 100-1 promotion. This promotion, offered during the brand’s launch last September, allowed customers to bet on popular events like the Melbourne Cup and NBA Basketball.

With the payout potentially being the largest in Australian sports betting history, Betr has asked for an extension to process the tens of millions of dollars owed to its bettors. Despite its name similarity to another microbetting app, Betr is a separate entity headed by entrepreneur Matt Tripp.

Currently, the payout based on the Panthers’ wins alone has exceeded AU$40m. Additionally, two lucky Betr customers won four out of five of the promoted sporting events, turning a $40 bet into an impressive $4,040.

While Betr has chosen not to comment publicly, they have privately messaged the winners to explain that the payout process may take longer than usual due to the overwhelming success of the promotion. The current deadline for payments is October 6th.

News Corp, a joint venture partner in Betr, has also incurred losses in relation to this investment, reporting $72m in losses in their recent financial report. Two senior executives from News Corp have since stepped down from the Betr Board in March.

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