Take control of your gambling habits with Betstop, the self-exclusion register for all Australian licensed wagering services. Since its launch on August 21, 2023, thousands of individuals have registered for this game-changing service.

Currently, the total number of registrants stands at an impressive 13,608. A significant milestone that illustrates the growing recognition and importance of self-exclusion for individuals seeking a healthier relationship with gambling.

However, the November report reveals an interesting trend. While the overall number of new registrants dropped slightly from 3,121 in October to 2,991 in November, this decrease of 4.2% signifies a positive shift towards stabilization after the initial surge of registrations.

Digging deeper, it becomes clear that compared to the month of its launch, Betstop has experienced a substantial 22.9% drop in new registrants during November. This suggests that more individuals are now taking advantage of the register’s benefits, leading to a more balanced and sustainable level of sign-ups.

Throughout Australia, nearly every jurisdiction witnessed a decrease in registrants from October to November. Yet, there were two notable exceptions.

In Victoria, there was a surprising increase of 1.4% in new registrants, jumping from 869 in October to 881 in November. This unexpected growth showcases the effectiveness and recognition of Betstop within the community.

Similarly, the Northern Territory witnessed a significant rise of 45% in registrants, with 29 individuals signing up in November compared to only 20 in October. This impressive increase highlights the local demand and positive impact of the register in this region.

Globally, self-exclusion registers are gaining momentum as powerful tools in combating problem gambling. Just last month, the Swedish self-exclusion register, Spelpaus, reported an astounding 100,000 registrants.

Betstop is proud to be part of this international movement, providing Australians with a solution to take control of their gambling habits and make a positive change in their lives. Register with Betstop today and join thousands of individuals who have chosen the path to a healthier, happier future.

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