Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) responds to the CMS Select Committee report, rejecting calls for a complete ban on gambling advertising, sports sponsorships, and consumer promotions. The BGC argues that such a ban could harm popular sports, lead to job losses, and push customers towards unregulated online gambling.

The BGC points out that there is no solid evidence linking gambling ads to gambling-related issues. Instead, they urge for stricter guidelines to ensure responsible gambling messaging, promotion of safe gambling tools, and assistance for those with betting concerns.

The Council applauds the Committee’s endorsement of the Sport Sponsorship Code and calls for its prompt publication to raise industry standards.

In addition, the BGC supports the UK Government’s proposed 1% gambling levy on online gambling companies, aiming to generate funds for gambling addiction research, prevention, and treatment. They have previously proposed expanding the levy to cover all operators, including the National Lottery, while still contributing to charitable causes.

This response aligns with the UK government’s ongoing efforts to modernize gambling regulations and address challenges posed by digital betting. Measures being considered include potential stake limits and ensuring fair contributions from gambling firms.

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