How To Start a Bitcoin Casino With BoomAff

Introduction to Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency represented to the world in 2009 for the first time. Bitcoins differ from e-money or non-cash transfers because they are not being created by issuers and are not their debt obligation. It is a very important fact that crypto casinos are financially independent. Such online casinos are free from taxes because they do not obey the laws of a particular country. Thus, they do not have to purchase a gambling license.

To make a payment, you have to create a personal wallet and use the Bitcoin address. Today, everyone can buy a lot of goods and services, which include gambling at online casinos, for Bitcoins.

The BoomAff team offers its clients both variants of Bitcoin casinos. We will prepare and launch a casino with the Curacao license and all the licensed games or make a Bitcoin online casino without a license for you.

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How to Start a Bitcoin Casino With BoomAff

In order to start up a bitcoin casino, some special software may be needed. The software for Bitcoin casinos can be ordered from us. The BoomAff team is completely responsible for product quality. Considering the fact that a Bitcoin casino script is the main component of the business, it is worth paying attention to the project quality, which should be perfect, for sure.

Some casino owners just purchase a Bitcoin casino script and implement it into the software they already have. Others buy turnkey software for Bitcoin casinos with all the necessary components in one package.

How to Make a Bitcoin Casino? There aren’t that many options:

  1. Order the creation of a Bitcoin casino.
  2. Buy a ready-made Bitcoin casino.
  3. Start creating a Bitcoin online casino with your own efforts.

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casinos from BoomAff

Just like any other cryptocurrency, Bitcoin appears and is kept on the Internet in the form of a virtual code. It can be purchased on special websites and kept in Bitcoin wallets. A user who wants to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. registers on the website, receives a personal code, and gets an opportunity to register a personal wallet.

The cryptocurrencies move only within the Internet, the transactions are made without mediators (payment services). The entire network is peer-to-peer. Bitcoins are located on a personal computer or special resources.

So, it is quite simple to exchange Bitcoins: the owners of the cryptocurrency send it in a way, which is similar to torrent services when the users share files, movies, and software. 

Being now an effective alternative to traditional currencies and electronic payment systems, such currencies as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. gain popularity in the industry of online entertainment. Gamblers of casinos created by BoomAff are delighted to invest in Bitcoin casino since this payment method provides total anonymity and transparency of financial operations at the same time.

The BoomAff Benefits of Bitcoin Casinos

Online casinos where Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are used as the only payment system have some strategic and competitive advantages and attract many progressive users. There are some peculiarities of crypto casino software that should be considered while considering how to start a bitcoin casino:

  • There is no need to spend money on the license
  • The activity is non-taxable in most countries
  • Quick launch
  • Enhanced user anonymity
  • Total finance control
  • Quick payment processing
  • Conversion of Bitcoin into any other currency (if added to the casino’s payment gateway separately)
  • Payment irreversibility.

The Risks of Bitcoin Casinos

It is clear that invest Bitcoin casino bears a few risks nowadays because BTC is not legal just everywhere in the world — there are many countries, which directly forbid it or which would like to control it. So the biggest risks are the incapability of connecting payment gateways to crypto casino software in such countries and the taxation issue when gamers will withdraw winnings in BTC because it will be hard or impossible to determine for themselves the correct taxation option, which may even lead to confiscation of their BTC winnings by tax authorities of individual countries, which control them.

Why Choose the BoomAff’s Bitcoin Casino

It is totally clear after pondering how to start Bitcoin casino that the self-creation of such a platform requires much time and money. This is why the option of ordering such a casino from BoomAff is appropriate. The BoomAff team offers to its clients to create their own Bitcoin casinos that can be ready just in several weeks. This is a unique opportunity to start your own business in the gambling industry.

While financial regulators control all the movements of the money from cards, it’s still easy to start a non-taxable business just in several weeks in most countries using an anonymous crypto casino, where operations will not be traced by most tax authorities. 

Where can you start a legit bitcoin casino? Receiving this opportunity is easy. All you need is to leave a request on our website or contact us in any other way, the most convenient for you, and we will be happy to share the details of how to start making money with your own Bitcoin casino!

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