How To Start a Bitcoin Casino With BoomAff

Introduction to Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency represented to the world in 2009 for the first time. Bitcoins differ from e-money or non-cash transfers because they are not being created by issuers and are not their debt obligation. It is a very important fact that crypto casinos are financially independent. Such online casinos are free from taxes because they do not obey the laws of a particular country. Thus, they do not have to purchase a gambling license.

To make a payment, you have to create a personal wallet and use the Bitcoin address. Today, everyone can buy a lot of goods and services, which include gambling at online casinos, for Bitcoins.

The BoomAff team offers its clients both variants of Bitcoin casinos. We will prepare and launch a casino with the Curacao license and all the licensed games or make a Bitcoin online casino without a license for you.

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How to Start a Bitcoin Casino With BoomAff

In order to start up a bitcoin casino, some special software may be needed. The software for Bitcoin casinos can be ordered from us. The BoomAff team is completely responsible for product quality. Considering the fact that a Bitcoin casino script is the main component of the business, it is worth paying attention to the project quality, which should be perfect, for sure.

Some casino owners just purchase a Bitcoin casino script and implement it into the software they already have. Others buy turnkey software for Bitcoin casinos with all the necessary components in one package.

How to Make a Bitcoin Casino? There aren’t that many options:

  1. Order the creation of a Bitcoin casino.
  2. Buy a ready-made Bitcoin casino.
  3. Start creating a Bitcoin online casino with your own efforts.

What You Need to Know About Bitcoin Casinos from BoomAff

Just like any other cryptocurrency, Bitcoin appears and is kept on the Internet in the form of a virtual code. It can be purchased on special websites and kept in Bitcoin wallets. A user who wants to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. registers on the website, receives a personal code, and gets an opportunity to register a personal wallet.

The cryptocurrencies move only within the Internet, the transactions are made without mediators (payment services). The entire network is peer-to-peer. Bitcoins are located on a personal computer or special resources.

So, it is quite simple to exchange Bitcoins: the owners of the cryptocurrency send it in a way, which is similar to torrent services when the users share files, movies, and software. 

Being now an effective alternative to traditional currencies and electronic payment systems, such currencies as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. gain popularity in the industry of online entertainment. Gamblers of casinos created by BoomAff are delighted to invest in Bitcoin casino since this payment method provides total anonymity and transparency of financial operations at the same time.

The BoomAff Benefits of Bitcoin Casinos

Online casinos where Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are used as the only payment system have some strategic and competitive advantages and attract many progressive users. There are some peculiarities of crypto casino software that should be considered while considering how to start a bitcoin casino:

  • There is no need to spend money on the license
  • The activity is non-taxable in most countries
  • Quick launch
  • Enhanced user anonymity
  • Total finance control
  • Quick payment processing
  • Conversion of Bitcoin into any other currency (if added to the casino’s payment gateway separately)
  • Payment irreversibility.

The Risks of Bitcoin Casinos

It is clear that invest Bitcoin casino bears a few risks nowadays because BTC is not legal just everywhere in the world — there are many countries, which directly forbid it or which would like to control it. So the biggest risks are the incapability of connecting payment gateways to crypto casino software in such countries and the taxation issue when gamers will withdraw winnings in BTC because it will be hard or impossible to determine for themselves the correct taxation option, which may even lead to confiscation of their BTC winnings by tax authorities of individual countries, which control them.

Why Choose the BoomAff’s Bitcoin Casino

It is totally clear after pondering how to start Bitcoin casino that the self-creation of such a platform requires much time and money. This is why the option of ordering such a casino from BoomAff is appropriate. The BoomAff team offers to its clients to create their own Bitcoin casinos that can be ready just in several weeks. This is a unique opportunity to start your own business in the gambling industry.

While financial regulators control all the movements of the money from cards, it’s still easy to start a non-taxable business just in several weeks in most countries using an anonymous crypto casino, where operations will not be traced by most tax authorities. 

Where can you start a legit bitcoin casino? Receiving this opportunity is easy. All you need is to leave a request on our website or contact us in any other way, the most convenient for you, and we will be happy to share the details of how to start making money with your own Bitcoin casino!

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Launch a Profitable Bitcoin Casino with BoomAff’s Expertise

Cryptocurrencies are on the rise in the 2010s-2020s. And the trend, obviously, continues for the next decades and generations of people. Cryptos have penetrated a lot of areas of human life and activity, including online gambling establishments. Hence, a lot of business people are interested in how to invest in bitcoin casino to run that business as a new wing in their company or as an expansion of their casino interests. And the BoomAff Company is the right company to come to when a businessman is looking for expanding into the area of crypto casino software.

Thanks to our huge experience in launching new casinos on the Internet, both with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, we can offer our clients beneficial and fruitful cooperation. It’s feasible to start a bitcoin casino with BoomAff for only a fraction of the cost of designing and developing it from scratch or ordering it from other companies because we already have exceptionally good solutions that are used by our clients around the globe. So, it’s possible to say that BoomAff is your bitcoin casino launchpad.

The Bitcoin Casino Revolution

From 2014 to 2022, players wagered more than $6 billion in Bitcoin in online gambling establishments. And this number is growing each year exponentially. Today, over a tenth part of the entire gambling online industry is operated in cryptocurrencies (not just bitcoin but also other ones). This share is predicted to grow two-fold over the next 3 to 5 years. So it would be unforgivable to miss that business opportunity today when you’re conceiving to design a new online casino. The right question to ask oneself is how to start a bitcoin casino (and it must also incorporate other most popular cryptos, such as Tether, USD Coin, Dogecoin, Polkadot, XRP, Solana, Cardano, Binance Coin, or Ethereum).

Since the first arrival of bitcoin in 2009, cryptos started taking a significant part in our lives and daily routine. Today, wagering them in online casinos is just one side of human activity that involves cryptocurrencies. Others are savings, trade, buying anything online and offline, and even cashing ‘em out into fiat money via crypto ATMs (which is particularly popular in the UAE). No wonder many people are interested in the issue of where can you start a legit bitcoin casino. Since it is traditionally a hard undertaking to launch a new online gambling venue, which involves issues of technical, legal, financial, advertising, and other kinds, the BoomAff Company offers its comprehensive services to everyone who’s interested in how to make a bitcoin casino.


  • Can design a casino with crypto from scratch or use our existing models to configure them
  • Offer white-label solutions both for fiat and cryptocurrency casinos
  • Do the full cycle of casino launch, including its conception, design, establishing, adding functions according to the needs of a customer, deploying it in the launch process, supporting it on a daily basis, and doing amendments.

So whenever you’re interested to start up a bitcoin casino, contact professionals — the BoomAff Company.

We’re experts in this area with dozens of successfully launched projects in various geos. We can make a new crypto casino up and running in a matter of weeks after agreeing with the client on the demands to a website/app. A new casino will be capable of starting earning for its owner already in day one.

Investing in Bitcoin Casinos

Invest bitcoin casino is the next great opportunity for clever businessmen and businesswomen. And what’s especially adorable in this is that there is no need to be an expert today in launching casinos — BoomAff is ready to do everything for you and on your behalf.

The process of work with BoomAff is as such:

  1. Finding out the business requirements of a client for a new gambling house.
  2. Formulating the scope of work and agreeing upon it. Calculating the cost and term for implementation.
  3. A client decides whether to invest in bitcoin casino given the data about the implementation cost and time.
  4. Signing the contract for works.
  5. Doing design, development, configuration, and launch of a new online casino (website with an app or just a website alone).
  6. Fulfilling the casino with the content, making amendments, bug fixing, doing reporting, client support, and other recurring daily actions to run the casino. BoomAff can take all this work on itself and effectively handle it by an in-house team or give all of it or some parts to a client, depending on their business model and budget considerations.

As a result, even without any particular knowledge in the area of crypto casinos, clients can come to BoomAff and ask for elaboration on a new casino or conversion of their existing casino into a cryptocurrency one.

When anyone plans a new crypto gambling house, BoomAff will gladly consult them on the issues of topping their returns by cleverly planning the niche of the gambling house, its core audience, advertising methods, and the filling of it with the right games delivered by the right gambling providers. We have over 70 providers to embed into a new website or app of a gambling establishment, including such loud names as Yggdrasil, Pragmatic Play, Relax, NetEnt, ELK, QuickSpin, EGT, Red Tiger, NoLimit City, Booming Game, Wazdan, Tom Horn, Vivo Gaming, Platipus, Playson, Booongo, BetSoft, ThunderKick, SpinoMenal, NetGame, Endorphina, or Play n’ Go.

Bitcoin Casino Startup Guide

There is a sequence of actions that are needed to be done if you want to know how to start bitcoin casino step-by-step:

  1. Plan the technical scope of the project — whether it will be a completely new development of a website/app or it will be made based on templates that BoomAff has (including solving an issue of whether this will be a white-label solution or not).
  2. What parts of the work have to be done by BoomAff? It’s possible that we do anything between 0% and 100% during the planning, launch, running, and maintenance stages, at the discretion of our client’s wishes and their budget limitations.
  3. A client has to choose the legal model for the work of the casino and the mother company. In most cases, it is about choosing the right taxation and business model, jurisdiction (country), and type of license. However, most of these can be abandoned if there will be no license. Yet, one shall remember that some game providers do not agree to place their games on websites of establishments that have no iGambling license at all. Same, without it, some players will not have a high level of trust in the venue. And, finally, there may be tax issues in a specific country. BoomAff is ready to effectively overcome most of these by providing thorough consultations to anyone interested.
  4. Choose the model of support of the business. While BoomAff is definitely capable of supporting all issues of running a casino on the Internet, some tasks can be effectively done by a client. At this stage, it’s inevitable to choose. For instance, who will be responsible for client support, advertising, developing and supporting the bonus system of a gambling house, making amendments to the gaming process and features, fixing bugs, dealing with downtime of servers, writing and changing policies of a casino, doing marketing research, connecting to new companies and business partners of a casino, running an affiliate program, and many other issues.

Creating a Legitimate Bitcoin Casino

One of the crucially important points in the entire crypto casino business is to define where can you start a legal bitcoin casino.

In most jurisdictions in the world, as of 2023, the legal landscape concerning cryptocurrencies is still vague or non-existent. Some governments are trying to formalize crypto demands in their national legislation. Thus, it is important to define, where your gambling venue will operate. Answer for yourself the next questions:

  1. Whether it will have a country of legal registration or not?
  2. Whether it will have a legit iGambling license or not?
  3. Whether it will pay taxes or not? If not, then it must be totally cryptocurrency-based, with no fiat currencies involved at all.
  4. Whether it will have trustworthy gambling providers in its gaming catalog or not?
  5. Whether it will be a legal entity or no entity? In the case of no legal entity, it may be hard or impossible to make certain types of financial transactions, such as payments of wages to its employees, doing costly procurements (especially from foreign countries), doing money transfers, paying fees for usage of intellectual property, etc.

Depending on how you answer all these questions, you will shape your future activity that will enable you to do certain actions or may impose severe and unnecessary limitations, which somehow must be overcome to run that business smoothly.

The biggest part of BoomAff’s clients choose to have a legal entity registered in Curaçao, Seychelles, Cayman Islands, or Cyprus to obtain a legal e-gambling license and be legally able to pay for various business needs (including wages) yet pay only tiny taxes because these and some other jurisdictions in the world are well-known tax havens. Tax havens per se are attractive for individuals and companies for such benefits:

  • Minimal or absent legal burden
  • Lack of transparency
  • Minimal or no tax & financial reporting necessary
  • Easy incorporation
  • Financial privacy
  • Low or zero tax burden on certain kinds of personal and company income.

Anonymous Crypto Casino Appeal

It is feasible to create a regular casino that will have payments in cryptocurrencies as an additional payment channel to fiat money. The same, it is possible to create a gambling house that will only operate in cryptos, without any fiat money. The second approach is becoming more popular every day, making it possible to create an anonymous crypto casino with such vivid advantages:

  1. There won’t be the need for gamesters to disclose their real personal and financial data since all transactions will be made exclusively via cryptos, which can be anonymous, fully supporting the very essence of cryptocurrencies.
  2. There will be no financial fraud because every transaction is traced, recorded in a decentralized manner, and irreversible.
  3. Such a casino won’t need even to have an iGambling license because it will be no longer connected or tied to any particular location and will appeal to all gamesters in the world who will use cryptos to send and get payments. However, just to make sure high reliability of a gambling establishment among people who generally dislike casinos without licenses, it will still be a great solution to obtain one. The most popular option for an iGambling license that the BoomAff Company helps with is Curacao (but others are also on the table).
  4. Quick processing of payments because they will no longer depend on the KYC and money anti-laundering policies that are applicable to fiat money.
  5. For gamesters, there will be no obligation to tax their winnings if they will be keeping their money in cryptos. The same, for the casino, there will be no obligation to tax their income in any jurisdiction if they aren’t going to belong to any (an iGambling license will waive that, though).

Given all that, an anonymous crypto gambling house will be very alluring to gamblers and casino owners because it will effectively cut off a lot of unnecessary bureaucratic burdens for both parties.

Seamless Crypto Casino Software

At BoomAff, we always want to help our customers get only the best of their orders. That’s why we offer seamless integration of crypto options into existing casinos and the development of cryptocurrency casinos from scratch or from existing templates that will meet various criteria. All our offers of crypto gambling venues include:

  • cutting-edge software to power ‘em up
  • thousands of options of parameterization of a system behind a website/app to make sure any business process of a client is smoothly and perfectly embedded into a system of a gambling facility
  • amazing correspondence to the needs of modern users of all ages & social groups.

All these coupled with the unparalleled experience of the team of BoomAff make it possible for our clients to outrun their competitors because they receive a modern and powerful system behind their online casinos.

BoomAff’s Expert Guidance

Our existing clients already thrive under the guidance of such seasoned professionals as are gathered in the team of the BoomAff Company. Everyone, including new clients, can benefit from our extensive experience in crypto and blockchain markets and technologies, especially given their application to online casinos.

BoomAff will professionally navigate you through all the complexities of bitcoin casino management, namely:

  1. Staying up-to-date with market trends.
  2. Embracing innovation and differentiation.
  3. Utilizing appealing affiliate programs.
  4. Supporting the necessary level of liquidity and payouts during the casino’s daily management.
  5. Smooth and problem-free integration of cryptocurrency payments and connected options in the gaming process of a casino.
  6. Comprehensive 24/7 customer support in multiple languages.
  7. All-embracing and professional marketing and promotion campaigns to ensure the stable inflow of gamblers to the venue.
  8. Elaborating on internal policies, if there is a need for them, such as AML, KYC, Terms, or Cookie usage.
  9. Making sure proper licensing.
  10. Giving an immense game selection: we can offer over 8,000 pieces delivered by 70+ providers from all over the world.
  11. Provision of an excellent user experience across all channels.
  12. Embedding fast processing of payments and secure gaming.
  13. Navigating our clients through various legal and tax landscapes to choose the best market for them.


Are you ready to transform your casino venture or start a new one? Then you should most definitely connect with BoomAff already today. We will make you covered while you’ll be diving into the world of crypto casinos with confidence! Contact us today to start your new success story in the world of crypto gaming clubs.

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