Macau’s New Gaming Credit Law: What It Means for The Industry

The labyrinth of legality and finance intertwining within a gaming capital like Macau has always been a tale of high stakes and intricate regulation. This year, a chapter of reform has been penned in Macau’s gaming industry legislation, titled the “Legal Regime for Granting Credit for Games of Chance in Casinos.” What do these pivotal […]

Australia’s BlueBet Fined Over €30,000 for Advertising Breaches

In the fast-evolving realm of online sports betting, compliance with advertising regulations is a crucial and oftentimes contentious aspect of business. For BlueBet Pty Ltd, recent encounters with Victorian regulatory authorities speak volumes about the tightrope walk wagering firms tread in their pursuit of market presence and share. Within the crisp, impersonal walls of the […]

IGT Resolves Legal Dispute with Acres: A Turning Point for Cashless Gaming

The digital evolution of the modern gambling experience is on the precipice of historical change, catalyzed by a recent legal maneuver that will have ripple effects across the gaming industry. On April 12th, International Game Technology (IGT) announced a landmark resolution to a legal dispute with fellow industry titan Acres. This significant agreement not only […]

How to optimize bonuses and promotions for your online casino

One of the greatest attractors for visitors of gaming venues is the bonuses and promos offered by them. While there is no quantitative data (numbers) that show how important actually bonuses and promos are for people when they make up their minds to register in a gaming parlor (compared to other factors they consider along), […]

Italy’s Online Gambling License Framework Unveiled

Italy, adored for its cultural marvels, bountiful cuisines, and rich history, is also a country that embraces change, particularly in the sectors that may have been previously contentious. A notable area where this has recently played out is the realm of online gambling — a domain that has seen regulatory turbulence worldwide but is now […]

Gambling Survey for Great Britain: New Approach to Measuring Risk and Impact

In the dynamic realm of the betting and gaming industry, profound changes are stirring beneath the surface – a shift not in the games we play, but how we measure their impact. A recent unveiling of the Gambling Survey for Great Britain has sparked discussion among the nation’s gaming populace, data analysts, and regulatory bodies […]

Unveiling The Star’s Troubles Amidst the NSW Inquiry

The Star Entertainment Group, a prominent name in the casino and entertainment scene, has found itself under the harsh scrutiny of the New South Wales (NSW) Independent Casino Commission. The allegations that have emerged from this inquiry, if proven true, not only shake the foundation of the company’s internal operations but also raise significant questions […]

BlueBet Fined AU$50,000 for Advertising Breaches: What it Means for Gaming Enthusiasts

In a recent legal development that ripples through Australia’s gambling industry, BlueBet faced a hefty AU$50,000 fine for breaching gambling advertising regulations. The company has been under the regulatory spotlight, and the implications of this charge extend beyond financial penalties to the ethical and legal contours of everyday advertising. Regulators often walk a tightrope between […]

Australia’s Star Entertainment Wrestles With Revenue Plunge and Regulatory Scrutiny

Australia’s Star Entertainment Group, a juggernaut in the gaming and entertainment industry, has hit a turbulent patch, reporting substantial losses in its most recent quarterly trading update. The figures paint a worrying narrative for shareholders and industry analysts alike, attributing the AU$6.8 million (€4.1 million) net loss to a marked decrease in premium players’ patronage. […]

Rapid Support at the Forefront of Gambling Rehabilitation

In the intricate web of society’s vice and addiction, swift and compassionate support can mean the difference between freefall and recovery. Gambling addiction, a burgeoning issue, has placed many individuals at a harrowing crossroad. However, the National Gambling Support Network emerges not only as an ally but as a beacon of hope, offering a lifeline […]

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