Analyzing the Impact of Payment Methods on Casino Operations

Any business in its core needs to have the function of accepting payments from its customers in order to function. And to do that, it needs to be integrated with payment systems, having multiple payment methods available for the customers.   When it comes to online gaming parlors, it’s not enough to have 1-2-3 deposit […]

Kathmandu’s Crackdown on Illegal Online Gambling – What it Means for Online Gamers and News Readers

In recent news, a significant crackdown on illegal online gambling in Kathmandu has captured the attention of both news readers and online gamers. Six individuals, aged between 22 and 29, have been arrested for their involvement in facilitating illegal gambling activities. With a staggering Rs 240m (US$1.8m) in games and money seized, this incident underscores […]

Shaping the Future of iGaming in the UK Amid Political Change

The UK’s iGaming industry stands at a crossroads as the upcoming general election looms on the horizon. With the Labour Party currently leading in polls, this pivotal moment could bring significant shifts to the regulatory landscape. This blog post will explore the potential outcomes of the election for the iGaming sector and provide valuable insights […]

Thriving Amidst Change The New Era of Online Gambling in the Philippines

Online gambling in the Philippines is undergoing a significant transformation. What began as a burgeoning industry in 2016 has now entered a new phase, characterized by rapid growth, regulatory challenges, and evolving public sentiment. This post explores the current state of online gambling in the Philippines, its impact on various stakeholders, and what the future […]

Mayor Alice Guo’s Plea for Fair Investigation into POGO Allegations

In recent weeks, Bamban, Tarlac Mayor Alice Guo has found herself at the heart of a storm of serious accusations. She has been accused of being involved in illegal Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGO) activities, among other allegations. The purpose of this blog post is to provide a thorough overview of the situation, highlighting the […]

Macau Sets Ambitious Goal to Attract 33 Million Visitors in 2024

With the stunning skyline of shimmering casinos and historic Portuguese architecture, Macau has long been a captivating destination. But now, the vibrant city is aiming even higher. With an ambitious target of 33 million visitors in 2024, Macau is set to become a must-visit hotspot for travel enthusiasts, digital nomads, and business travelers. In this […]

Philippines’ New Wave of Online Gaming Licenses Shakes Up the Industry

The Philippines has recently taken a significant step in the online gaming industry by issuing over 40 new licenses. Previously known as Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators (POGOs), these entities have been rebranded as Internet Gaming Licensees (IGLs). This development is set to reshape the landscape for both local and international gaming enthusiasts. In this blog […]

New Jersey’s Gaming Boom A Winning Streak for May 2024

Gaming enthusiasts, business investors, and local community members have a lot to celebrate as New Jersey records another successful month in the gaming industry. The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement recently announced that the state’s total gaming revenue saw a notable increase of 8.3% in May 2024. This post will break down these impressive […]

Ensuring Safe Bets Euro 2024 Sees New Gambling Measures by KSA

With Euro 2024 fast approaching, excitement is building among sports fans and gambling enthusiasts. However, the Dutch gambling regulator, Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), is taking proactive steps to ensure that this summer’s festivities remain safe and enjoyable for everyone. Recognizing the potential risks associated with increased sports betting and gambling advertisements, KSA has announced a set of […]

The Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Revolutionizing Online Gambling

AI is becoming increasingly integrated into people’s everyday lives. People of the 20th century thought that AI would initially enter the realms of production, where “blue-collar” workers operate, in the shape of robots to replace humans or ease their physical labor a lot. However, people of the third decade of the 21st century already clearly […]

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