One of the greatest attractors for visitors of gaming venues is the bonuses and promos offered by them. While there is no quantitative data (numbers) that show how important actually bonuses and promos are for people when they make up their minds to register in a gaming parlor (compared to other factors they consider along), it is absolutely understandable that bonuses are one of the crucial aspects for people making decisions. Other things they ponder are the quality of client support, languages of the interface, mobile compatibility, reputation and license, UX, variety of games, available channels for money flows, etc. In this article, we’re considering issues of bonuses and promotions for gambling establishments and their optimization to attract more users.

Using Promotional Tools Efficiently as an Online Casino Operator

How can a casino optimize promotions for the bigger reach of the audience? Bonuses are an effective part of the task, which is aided by broader efforts (which are all parts of casino marketing), such as:

  1. Targeted marketing campaigns tailored to specific audiences by geo, age, sex, demographics, player behavior, and other criteria.
  2. The involvement of channels of media communication (such as PPC, banners, SMM, SEO, affiliate marketing, etc.).
  3. Cross-promotion and partnership.
  4. Active and interesting referral program for registered punters.
  5. Technical optimization of a website/app of a gaming parlor.

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How Can Operators Benefit From Implementing Promotional Tools?

Casino owners would like to know how to optimize promotions for online casino not only for the sake of bringing more clients. Yes, this is the goal but it is a multifaceted goal, which eventually results in these positive consequences for gambling establishments:

  1. Increasing player engagement with the gaming and promo offers.
  2. Boosting revenue of a gaming venue thanks to a bigger clientele and the increased gaming activity of punters.
  3. Better player retention and lower churn.
  4. Developing a brand loyalty.
  5. Creating more hype around the gambling brand.
  6. Standing out from competitors.

Promotional Tools That Online Casinos Can Leverage

How can a casino optimize bonuses for its users? There are many ways to utilize promotional tools, all of which are completely under the control of a house of gambling. We’re considering them below.

Welcome Deposit Bonuses

The welcome reward is a fat chunk of the entire remuneration system of a gaming venue for its punters. It is often made very solid, like, +300% to the deposit and plus 200 free spins. To get it, a person is typically required to do only two things: register and deposit at least the minimum money to the gambling account. Sometimes, other demands may be imposed, such as fulfilling the personal data, fully passing the KYC procedure, or making more than one consecutive deposit to get the full offer. More often than not, there are multiple first deposits, which are rewarded, like, 4 first deposits, which collectively bring, like, +1,250% to all deposited sums and some large number of free spins.

A gambling establishment can make this welcome offer more interesting than in competitors by:

  • Increasing the percentage of added money
  • Increasing the number of added free spins (or analogical free play/free bets)
  • Reducing or eliminating attached wagers
  • Reducing the number of requirements for the receiving of this offer (basically, boiling it down to only registration with minimum information and depositing)
  • Lowering the financial threshold of the first deposit to embrace more interested people.

Regular Deposit Bonuses

Regular deposit rewards start to take power for the punters after their welcome offer is exhausted. That is, if the newly registered bettors have made the first 4 deposits after registration, they will no longer receive extra rewards for new deposits unless they use a promo offer that allows so.

In order to make things interesting to existing players (instead of focusing only on newcomers, which may be kind of frustrating for others), gambling establishments introduce regular deposit bonuses. In order to optimize bonuses for online casino for those who play regularly, they can come up with such offers as boosting their money and/or free spins when people deposit:

  • On specific weekdays and weekends
  • More than some minimal sum
  • Via specific payment method
  • Using specific currencies (in modern days, this is more applicable to cryptocurrencies to boost their popularity amongst users)
  • To make sports bets, etc.

It is hard to see those types of rewards so generous as the welcome rewards but since they work on a continuous basis, they potentially bring more rewards to people who will use them longer than welcome ones.

Both ongoing and welcome deposit remunerations have wagers attached (playthrough requirements). To make them more appealing to people, gambling establishments can decrease these playthrough requirements to outrun the competitors.

Actions to make by a casino to optimize bonuses

Free Spins

Free spins are the spins in video slots when gamers can spin the wheel of the game without spending real money but still obtaining the possibility of winning all the in-game perks.

For that reason, FS are cherished by punters and they strive to get them along with monetary rewards. The same as the two previous types of rewards, FS are also subject to wagers.

Cashback Bonuses

These kinds of bonuses allow people to get some of the money they lost in a previous period as promo money to their accounts (to use it to gamble). For instance, a gaming parlor can return 20% of the losses that occurred in the previous week.

This reward is not automatic (in most cases) and so, it requires a punter to contact the administration of a house of gambling to claim it. In some cases, getting it on an account also requires some (humble) deposit and the playthrough requirement can be attached (but it is always not as high as in other deposit-based offers). If there is no deposit involved, gamesters become more interested in getting it since this way, they receive a good chance to win even more money.

A large cashback is 20-50% while a market-average number is much humbler and is from 3% to 10%.

Tournament Bonuses

Tournaments are additional promo for people when they can play as they do in the usual manner, not spending more money, but earning more comp points, which are then exchanged into bonuses (if a punter is lucky enough).

The nature of the tournament can be anything of that:

  • organized by a gambling establishment or a game provider (the second is more widespread)
  • have a humble or large prize pool
  • require additional payment for taking part in it or not (the second is more frequent)
  • be one-day, very long, or even constant
  • embrace only specific games by one provider or a broader number of games by multiple providers
  • have only 1-3 winners or many, according to the table of winners of prizes of various denominations
  • include or exclude live games
  • other things.

By cleverly adjusting the parameters of the tournament, it is possible to engage more punters and gain more widespread media coverage of the event, attracting more people to the venue.


Although hundreds of slots and some other kinds of games have jackpots, not every online gambling establishment wants to incorporate these games into their catalogs to avoid losing big money on potential winnings. However, establishments are more prone to that if the deposits are cumulative and paid by the game provider, not by a casino.

Having games with both cumulative and regular jackpots in the offer improves the tendency of gamers to visit this betting club and play more.

Wager Promotions

A wager can be attached to many things in online gambling establishments:

  • regular deposits and those with bonuses
  • winnings from deposits and bonuses
  • free spins
  • winnings of jackpots
  • remuneration for bringing a friend or affiliate program
  • gifts for birthdays
  • loyalty rewards and points
  • exclusive and other promotional offers.

They are told to be played through in specific games, with specific bet ranges (min/max), and within a specific time to be balanced out. If a punter does not follow these wager requirements, the promos are usually void and cannot be withdrawn from a punter’s account in a gaming venue.

To increase the interest of people in a venue, the management can lower the playthrough requirements or delete them to stand out from the crowd of competitors.

Prize Drops

Drops of prizes can be organized on a periodic or constant basis. In this promo, random cash prizes, bonus funds, FS, or other rewards are awarded to players based on specific criteria or conditions:

  • completely randomly
  • for participating in something
  • for playing some games.

Legislative Boundaries

Although all these things are subject to change by the gambling establishment’s administration to make every one of them as appealing as possible and feasible in the given financial and economic restrictions, there are legislative limitations in particular geos, which may limit:

  1. the size of the bonus (like, no more than 100% of the deposit)
  2. number of free spins
  3. the nature of events in which the rewards are given
  4. the nature of triggers that can cause a reward
  5. the characteristics of clients eligible for the reward, etc.

One has to study the specifics of the market before entering it with certain bonuses because the legislation of geo may impose significant restrictions on the parameters of the promos and the way they are promoted among the audiences.

Tips to promote your online casino

Let’s consider some tips on the promotion of an online gaming venue (independently of jurisdiction and possible geo-restrictions imposed). You should take into account, though, the legal limitations of casino advertising in every particular geo before starting it (because in many areas, it is forbidden completely).

There are a number of great pieces of advice to promote a venue.

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Start cooperating with casino affiliates

The affiliate scheme is mentioned first not in vain: it can give up to half of all newcomers to the gaming club! This makes it the most powerful promo option for gambling venues in most geos (at least in those where affiliate marketing is not forbidden for casinos that work on the Internet). Along with that, it is also one of the costliest methods of promotion, where 50% of profits from a brought client or even more than that can be paid to the affiliate marketer in the long run (especially in the life-long programs with no negative carryover). But for affiliate marketers, it is also one of the hardest areas to develop and work in because it requires extensive and cross-discipline knowledge, where results are not guaranteed. That’s why there are not that many people who work in affiliate marketing successfully today.

Discover for yourself how to optimize bonuses for online casino

Use email marketing

Although fewer people tend to use email every year (preferring Google Docs or messengers to spread information and get access to it), email marketing is still alive. It can bring good output when you mail to subscribers (those who gave explicit consent to receive emails).

Use blog and content strategy for your casino

Keeping a flamboyant and alive blog, where life is whirling and many people comment, like, and share the content is one of the no-lose strategies in promoting anything, let alone a gaming parlor.

Such kind of a blog can consist of these types of content to engage players, provide valuable information, and promote the brand:

  • game reviews, strategies, and tips
  • news and updates from a gambling establishment itself
  • info about bonuses, promos, tournaments, giveaways, etc.
  • success stories and feedback from punters
  • resources for gambling-addicted, self-exclusion, and responsible gambling
  • infotainment content, like videos of victories of other players
  • insights of the gaming industry of the geo and planet
  • community and co-branding spotlights
  • various content related to the gambling lifestyle.

Create a casino/sportsbook bonus strategy

To make bonuses work more efficiently and coherently, it’s advisable to create a strategy. It is necessary to:

  1. study the competitors to understand where you can do better
  2. define objectives (what do you want to achieve in terms of player acquisition and retention, as well as income received)
  3. set the budget and allocate it across the ad channels
  4. study and segment the gamblers to tailor offers to various segments
  5. elaborate the bonus types, sizes, parameters, requirements, and wagers
  6. create a promo schedule based on the available budget
  7. be consistent across the promo channels.

Do not forget to analyze, adapt, interact, and improve on a constant basis.

Use CRM techniques and tools

Having a CRM tool means having a great source of statistics about the behavior of the punters in the betting club. When this system collects various kinds of information about the preferences of people, all bonus offers can be personified — not only for a specific segment but also down to every individual customer. And the longer the CRM system works and collects data in the house of gambling, the greater historical stats it produces, which can be smoothly extrapolated to the behavior of people during another promo event.

Enable Ad Networks

Enabling ad networks can bring better online visibility to a gambling establishment. Since the Internet, in general, is a vast plain of endless volumes of information, it is hard to fight for people’s attention on it today. Ad networks can effectively assist in that, bringing advertising of gaming parlors to everyone interested via placement of adverts in these places where interested people’s eyes can see them.

Let’s briefly reveal to our readers the technical intricacies behind how ad information reaches interested eyes through ad networks (which makes them so efficient in delivering information to audiences).

In the complex ecosystem of digital advertising, ad auctions occur in microseconds. When a user visits a webpage or app, the ad space on that platform becomes available for instant auction. Advertisers bid for this ad space through ad exchanges, which are automated platforms that connect publishers (those who own ad space) with advertisers (those who want to display ads), all connected into a single notion called the “ad network”.

These auctions happen in real-time, with ad networks processing vast amounts of data and signals within milliseconds to determine the most relevant ad to display to each user based on various factors to understand if a user is from our target audience. Once the winning ad is determined, it is instantly served to the user’s device, appearing seamlessly within the content they are consuming, all within microseconds. This circumstance makes these ad placements so personal and so effective, as the ads follow the user across various websites and apps rather than being solely positioned on specific web places only, hoping to get a visitor’s attention.

Pick region-based relevant games

It is not a secret that some types of games are more popular in some regions than in others. In the UK, they prefer slots and live dealer games more. In the US, these are poker and slots. In Scandinavian countries, the preferences are skewed towards table games. In Canada and Australia, they have more sports betting and slots. In Africa, they love instant lotteries and scratch cards along with sports betting. In Asia, people are more focused on Mahjong, baccarat, slots, and sports betting.

Incorporating these geo differences into the game selection in a particular country, it becomes possible to maximize the player’s engagement with the games they prefer the most.

Create your brand’s unique tone of voice

Via consistency in messages that hit the market, it’s possible to build the stability of a brand, distinguish it from competitors, and make it instantly recognizable to punters. Unique tone of voice and branding elements are the things that help in that consistency.

Make sure your website is optimized and easy-to-navigate

Technical and SEO optimization of a website is overlooked at times but in vain. These things significantly affect the results of the ranking of the website on Google search result page (and the app on the list of Google Play and the iPhone’s mobile catalog).

From the standpoint of a machine user, a technically optimal website/app should be clear and convenient to use by people and should be very straightforward to index and browse by the crawling robots (thus, it contributes to the indexability and crawlability of the content). From the standpoint of a person made from flesh and blood, such a website is easy, intuitive, transparent, sleek, and attractive. Thus, do not forget to ensure great UX for people and machine crawling.

How can a casino optimize bonuses to attract a bigger audience?

Offer different payment methods

Payment methods differ across geos, offering people various options for depositing and withdrawing money. It is not a secret that some methods are used more in some geos than in others. And there are only geo-specific methods, which are not used outside some particular geo, such as:

  • Boleto Bancario (Brazil)
  • Interac e-Transfer (Canada)
  • iDEAL (the Netherlands)
  • EPS (Austria)
  • POLi (Australia and New Zealand)
  • WebMoney and Qiwi (CIS countries)
  • Sofortüberweisung (Germany and Austria)
  • Alipay (China)
  • Paytm (India)
  • Dankort (Denmark).

Putting these methods to your website/app and changing them automatically depending on the geo of a user, you make sure people will use the methods that bring the most convenience. Yet, do not forget about worldwide methods, such as MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal.

We hope that all the useful information written in this article will help you advance your venue’s promotion system!

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