The Swedish trade association for online gambling, BOS, strongly supports the Ministry of Justice’s proposal to enhance consumer protection in the industry. BOS, representing the largest group of licensed gambling companies in Sweden, fully endorses the proposed regulatory changes aimed at reinforcing consumer safeguards, particularly in the gambling market.

These changes include prohibiting third parties from promoting credit for gambling and implementing a national debt register. BOS Secretary General, Gustaf Hoffstedt, expressed complete support for all the proposals, specifically those that directly impact the gambling sector.

One crucial proposal is to extend the prohibition on credit in the Gambling Act to cover third parties. The inquiry is also considering whether to ban credit card gambling. While BOS agrees with rejecting a ban on credit card gambling due to practicality concerns and the potential rise of unlicensed operators, they fully endorse the introduction of a debt and credit register called the Skri register. This register aims to improve lenders’ ability to assess borrowers’ financial situations.

Hoffstedt also emphasized BOS’s support for licensed gambling companies having access to information in the Skri register. However, he stressed the importance of conducting a thorough integrity review to balance consumer protection and individual privacy before expanding access.

In addition to their support for consumer protection measures, BOS urged for anti-money laundering violations to be treated with the same severity as gambling violations. They also advocated for penalty charges for AML breaches to be based on gross gaming revenue.

Moreover, BOS highlighted the current channelisation rate in online gambling, which stands at 77%, falling short of the government’s target of 90%. They believe that the proposed increase in gambling tax could negatively impact channelisation and potentially lead to challenges similar to those faced prior to the 2019 re-regulation.

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