Brazil Moves Towards Regulating Sports Betting with Appointment of Senator Angelo Coronel as Rapporteur. Senator Angelo Coronel has been chosen as the new Rapporteur for Bill 3626/23, signaling Brazil’s commitment to regulating the sports betting market. The bill aims to establish a solid regulatory framework for sports betting and online gaming in the country.

Senator Coronel is well-known for his active support of legalizing various forms of gambling in Brazil. Previously, he served as the Rapporteur for Bill 186/2014, which aimed to legalize casinos.

Bill 3626/23 has already obtained approval from the Chamber of Deputies Plenary, with a total of 49 amendments made within the Senate’s Sports Commission (Cesp). Currently, the bill is undergoing review by both the Economic Affairs Committee and Cesp, with a set timeframe of 45 days.

After thorough examination by these committees, the proposal will be presented to the Senate Plenary. Starting from November 11th, the legislative agenda will follow the constitutional urgency regime, aiming to provide clarity to the sports betting sector.

Efforts to regulate sports betting in Brazil have been ongoing for years. In July 2023, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva signed Provisional Measure No. 1,182, laying the foundation for sports betting regulations in the country. This measure, known as ‘Medida Provisória’ in Portuguese, allows the President to fast-track policies to Congress. Driven by offshore operators due to the absence of federal regulations, the sports betting market in Brazil has experienced steady growth.

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