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Liquor & Gaming New South Wales (NSW) is launching cashless gaming trials overseen by The Independent Panel on Gaming Reform. Following successful trials with leading companies such as Aristocrat, Utopia, IGT, and Light & Wonder, Liquor & Gaming NSW is now accepting applications from venues and technology providers to participate in the trials.

To be eligible for the trials, applicants must meet the minimum requirements set by The Independent Panel, which include measures for harm minimisation, anti-money laundering, and data security & privacy.

Applications will close on October 13, 2023. The purpose of these trials is to gather data and insights that will inform future regulations related to cashless gaming in NSW. Liquor & Gaming NSW will assess how cashless gaming solutions perform in real-world conditions within clubs and hotels. An independent researcher will monitor and evaluate the impact of these technologies using customized research methodologies.

The research aims to understand how players’ attitudes and behaviors are affected by the use of technology. It will also examine session length, frequency, and the level of harm experienced by players, in addition to identifying areas for improvement to reduce gambling harm. Each trial is expected to last at least three months to gather sufficient data and address these key areas.

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