Everything you need to know about outsourcing customer support with BoomAff

Why do managers of casino brands want to outsource customer support companies casino? And how, thanks to customer care outsource casino, can LTV be improved? It’s very simple. 

A high-quality customer care outsourcing casino duties include not only responding to customers but also selling them additional services like engaging into participating in new tournaments, improved bonuses, etc.

The support outsource casino made by BoomAff’s team is a high-quality and affordable solution for any gambling brand. Our online chat specialists have a deep understanding of the needs of each client and can work according to prescribed scripts. Providing professional customer support services helps keep the brand at a high level and conduct the right policy sales

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What is customer support outsourcing?

By providing professional customer support, casino brands close one of the basic needs of the operational business — sales. Specialists of BoomAff’s team are well-trained and experienced in online gambling. Support managers monitor the quality of the department’s work and our cutting-edge CRM system allows us to remember and know about each player.

We know how to be unobtrusive. We know how to offer help to the player on time even when they did not ask for it. Our casino customer support specialists always view all users on the site and properly built an alert system that immediately signals a possible problem with the player.

Thanks to thorough scripts developed by BoomAff’s team, our support team promptly offers players additional bonuses that trigger new deposits.

Advantages of outsourcing customer support with BoomAff

Pros of outsourced customer support casino with BoomAff are:

  • The ability to control the process of communication with players
  • The ability to build our own sales and support scripts
  • Independent influence and the improvement of the brand’s confidence
  • LTV growth
  • Growth of the lifetime value of a brand and keeping it high afterward.

Providing professional outsourced customer support services casino, casino brand increases self-confidence. An increase in confidence provokes LTV growth by itself. However, not only this factor can affect the improvement of this indicator thanks to customer support outsourcing companies casino. 

Working with various cooperation schemes in customer support outsource companies casino, casinos brand can improve its margin by increasing LTV. This can be achieved through a correct and successful affiliate management & marketing model (We have many affiliate marketing professionals who can always assist in case of any issues). If correctly combine partners, who work on the RS (Revenue Share) model and CPA (Cost Per Action), as well as constantly improving LTV, the casino brand can significantly increase margins. It grows through affiliates who work on the CPA scheme. An example: if a brand has reached LTV in the Norwegian market equal to 800 Euros, then it will not be difficult to pay for one depositor 250 Euros in the CPA, as the average statistics show that in any case, it will be a plus in this deal. However, if there is no clear understanding of the LTV rate or it is not stable, then such a deal can be fatal to the budget.

What are the disadvantages of outsourcing customer support from BoomAff

We call also highlight some of the cons of customer support outsourcing services casino:

  • It’s necessary to search and hire professional sales managers who will help build scripts
  • There is a chance that scripts won’t help
  • Time for training chat operators to outsource customer support services casino
  • Increase in office space required and, consequently, higher rental costs (not all managers can build customer support remotely)
  • The cost of the service will be lower than an in-house team but still, it won’t be zero.


As we can see, the content of casino customer support’s own department is costly in finances and time. Outsource your customer support casino — it is economically profitable for beginner brands and medium-sized casinos that have already managed to work and gain experience. 

If your company wants to improve one of the strategic indicators of its business or start increasing trust in the brand, then we advise you to contact us or to leave a request to BoomAff’s team for outsourcing customer service and support casino.

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