CPA marketing is a form of optimization of your advertising expenses, which is considered the most developed model of modern marketing. In this article, we are considering everything about CPA for the owners of casino websites, which can use our services to effectively boost up their earnings by means of this model.

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Introduction to the CPA service

A CPA network is one of the most economically expedient payment options for advertising campaigns on the Internet. Advertisers and business owners, using the CPA model, pay only for specific consumers who have confirmed their interest in the product or service with predefined targeted actions. The CPA network is most effective for online businesses. It is also a great way to expand your audience quickly. The CPA’s most immediate result is that it gives the required traffic here and now, allowing palpating the first tangible results already in the day of connecting to the service.

Good CPA marketing (in one of the best CPA networks) allows having websites with CPA around 25% or more – which is impossible in Google’s AdSense, as they would ban you if you had such a big indicator.

We in BoomAff help website owners and operators gain significant results by connecting to the best CPA agencies on the market, for the cost that advantageously stands out from the crowd.

What is CPA?

The CPA (cost per action or cost per acquisition) = amount of advertising costs/number of targeted actions. It is the most loved format of publishers (owners of sites) and not too loved by advertisers because this type of ad can be shown a million times but only a few actions could be done by visitors. The actions most often defined like these: make a purchase, become a lead, open a specific section of a site, subscribe, fulfill a form, buy a product/service. When the action happens, the orderer of the CPA program pays for this action to an advertiser. Speaking in the terms of online casinos, the action could be defined as such:

When it comes to casino apps for phones and tablets, the CPA is transformed into the CPI – cost per installation, which is used as one of the most important metrics in mobile marketing.

CPA is one of the highest stairs in the ladder of the value of all types of paid advertising. Saying otherwise – the CPA model is much more financially interesting to casino runners than any other type of ad, as they stop paying for informing the market (like they would in the CPM model) and start paying for real actions of real clients.

In addition, it is much better to participate in the CPA model of advertising than in the banner or in-text native commercial (although these shouldn’t be excluded fully as well). For instance, if you use AdSense and banner commercials, they will eat up a big place on your site’s pages, making it uglier. That’s not what you would like to have on your website’s pages unless those banners lead to one of your other online businesses (and do you do the cross-linking in such a way).

Introduction to the CPA networks

First, you have to have a site with reasonable traffic or an ability to swiftly create one specifically for the demands of a CPA network (which is also a very frequent case on the market). As who would click on your advert if there is no traffic, right?

These are three pillars for traffic gaining – just to give you a quick insight:

  1. SEO – this will start working in weeks and continues through the years.
  2. PPC ads give an instant result but are kinda short-lived and require constant money inflow to work, whilst SEO is free to operate.
  3. Social Media – this can start working almost immediately after launching and will continue through the years.

Then you have to find an offer that suits you. For instance, we in the BoomAff Company find and connect website owners to the best in efficiency and payment CPA networks. Our expertise helps site operators get significantly better remuneration than in a swarm of other networks available on the market today. Surely, you could try out hundreds of existing CPA networks on your own but the biggest part of their quality and pay rates, mildly speaking, is super far from desired. When connecting you to the best offers of handpicked CPA networks, we take into account the most important indicators: your niche and your visitor’s demographics.

Every online casino operator or runner has to consider the pros and cons of the CPA model.



The reasons for working with BoomAff

A CPA model of marketing is one of the most progressive market offers. For online casinos, it is a real chance of attracting new clients for a reasonable cost.

After you contact the BoomAff Company, we connect your websites only to the best CPA networks that we exclusively work with. An assigned personal account manager will help you calculate all indicators correctly and will assist on every issue one might require at the initial and all further stages. We effectively solve all issues tied to the selection of a compatible CPA network, connecting to it, and further work. Contact us today and we’ll let your financial flows in the CPA model boost up!

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