Crockfords casino, the oldest in Britain, has officially closed its doors after 195 years of operation. Located in the heart of Mayfair, London, the casino was founded by William Crockford, a former fishmonger turned wealthy businessman. Unfortunately, due to a lack of customers, the casino is no longer sustainable.

This closure has resulted in approximately 100 employees being made redundant. Paul Willcock, President of Genting Casinos UK, expressed that the £80m ($96.6m) closure of Crockfords marks the end of an era. High-end London casinos, including The Ritz and The Clermont, have faced similar challenges and have been forced to shut down in recent years.

John O’Reilly, CEO of Grosvenor, explained that Middle Eastern high rollers, who were once a reliable source of VIP revenue for London’s casinos, are now opting to visit cities like Paris or Milan instead. This shift in preference is attributed to the UK government’s decision to scrap the tourist tax (VAT) in 2021, which allowed tourists to reclaim the 20% tax on their purchases within the country.

The future of Crockfords will undergo a 30-day consultation process initiated by management. However, it appears that the closure of this iconic casino marks the end of an era for high-end London casinos, facing stiff competition from global marketplaces.

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