Brazil’s highly anticipated Senate vote on legislation to regulate sports betting and online casino games has hit a snag, causing a delay of at least one week. The vote was postponed last week after a group of senators opposed to the bill used Senate rules to gain more time to review it. Now, the vote has been delayed again until next week. Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco is rescheduling the vote for Tuesday, December 12. Senator Angelo Coronel is the bill’s rapporteur.

The delay is exacerbated by the absence of several senators who are currently attending the UN Climate Conference, COP28, in Dubai. With 16 out of 81 parliamentarians at the global event, it has been difficult for the government to secure a strategic vote.

Pacheco emphasized the urgent need to pass the bill, which was originally supposed to be voted on within 45 days. However, delays in the deliberation process have prevented it from reaching the Plenary earlier.

Pacheco defended the remote deliberation system but acknowledged the complexity of the issue, and agreed that it would benefit from in-person discussions with more senators present. He urged all senators to be present in the Plenary next week.

This legislative journey coincides with the upcoming SiGMA Americas Summit in Sao Paolo in April 2024. The summit, known for its significance in the gaming industry, has seen a surge in demand for booths and sponsorships as industry leaders anticipate the changing regulatory landscape in Brazil.

The SiGMA Americas Summit is poised to be a crucial platform for networking and collaboration among industry players who are navigating the evolving regulatory terrain in Brazil. The current regulatory landscape in Brazil has increased the relevance of the summit, making it a vital forum for understanding and adapting to potential changes in one of Latin America’s largest markets.

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