In a significant development for Curaçao’s gambling industry, Minister of Justice Javier Silvania has announced amendments to the National Ordinance on Gambling (LOK) following criticism from the Curaçao Bar Association. The revisions aim to address concerns regarding accreditation requirements for lawyers and ensure the financial independence of the Curaçao Gaming Authority.

The Curaçao Bar Association had raised objections to certain provisions within the draft legislation, particularly concerning mandatory accreditation for lawyers providing gambling-related services. In response, Silvania revealed plans to shift from a mandatory accreditation process to a non-mandatory certificate system.

Under the amended law, the Curaçao Gaming Authority will issue certificates to lawyers engaged in providing services or goods to Curaçao licence holders. These certificates, valid for up to three years, will replace the initial accreditation requirements, significantly reducing regulatory burdens for legal practitioners. Importantly, participation in the certification process will be optional, offering flexibility to lawyers in the gambling sector.

In addition to addressing the Bar Association’s concerns, Silvania highlighted amendments aimed at ensuring the financial independence of the Curaçao Gaming Authority. Revisions have been made to guarantee the regulator’s fiscal autonomy, enhancing transparency and accountability within the regulatory framework.

This move demonstrates Curaçao’s commitment to establishing a robust and independent regulatory body, instilling confidence in the jurisdiction’s ability to effectively oversee its gambling industry.

Silvania also addressed criticisms from members of Parliament regarding the LOK. Despite some MPs’ limited review of the legislation, he emphasized that the amended law represents a significant milestone in the region’s efforts to reform its offshore gambling industry.

The legislative revisions align with Curaçao’s commitment to collaborate with the Dutch government’s Temporary Work Organisation (TWO), demonstrating a willingness among lawmakers to consider stakeholder input and ensure effective regulation in the gambling sector.

The amendments to the National Ordinance on Gambling mark a positive step forward for Curaçao’s gambling industry. By addressing concerns raised by key stakeholders and ensuring the independence of the regulatory authority, the jurisdiction is positioning itself for sustainable growth and regulatory compliance.

These changes signal Curaçao’s dedication to maintaining its status as an international gambling hub while adapting to evolving industry standards and best practices. As the amended legislation takes effect, it is expected to provide a more stable and transparent environment for online gaming operators, legal professionals, and players alike.

Looking ahead, Curaçao’s proactive approach to refining its gambling legislation bodes well for the future of the industry. By fostering open dialogue with stakeholders and demonstrating a willingness to adapt, the jurisdiction is laying the foundation for long-term success in an increasingly competitive global market.

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