Radix, a leading domain registry operator, has announced the sale of the highly coveted domain name ‘betting.online’ for an impressive $400,000. This transaction sets a new record for domain sales among generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

The sale, facilitated by escrow.com, was conducted directly through the registry and has secured a place as the joint fifth-highest domain sale of the year 2023 across all top-level domains (TLDs), according to DNJournal.

With over 160,000 monthly visitors, casino.online has become a popular destination, with 34% of the traffic coming directly. The recent acquisition of betting.online by Patrick Gerhard, CEO of Casino.online, is seen as a major achievement. Gerhard commented, “This acquisition is a significant milestone for us. We intend to use the power of the .online domain to strengthen our presence in the industry. These high-value domains perfectly align with our brand’s vision and goals.”

Radix’s impressive collection of platinum inventory includes domains valued at over six figures in USD. In the future, the registry plans to directly engage potential clients or collaborate with brokerages and online marketplaces for further sales.

The acquisition of casino.online and betting.online reflects the growing interest in premium domains among gaming businesses. Recently, XLMedia, a global digital media company, sold three of its European gaming domains and associated websites, Casino.se, Casino.gr, and Casino.pt, for an upfront cash payment of $4 million.

Furthermore, Gambling.com Group launched Casinos.com, a domain it acquired in November 2022. Operating as an affiliate site, similar to Gambling.com, Casinos.com offers users affiliate links to online casino sites, bonus codes, and reviews.

This wave of premium domain acquisitions highlights the industry’s recognition of the immense value and potential these domains hold for enhancing brand presence and driving revenue.

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