Launching a new online gambling establishment or entering a new market with an existing one, a well-thought-out and effective marketing strategy is a critically important component of success. In fact, this strategy ensures brand visibility and recognition, builds customer relationships, and expands the customer base. This, in turn, facilitates advertising across various channels, social interaction with punters and the community, as well as playing by the rules, in accordance with market restrictions (compliance). In this article, we explore all these aspects.

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Market Research and Analysis

Market research is a crucial tool that should never be overlooked before launching a new gambling establishment or entering a new market. It’s recommended to hire an agency specializing in such research in a specific market or, if knowledgeable in this matter, to conduct it independently. Our company, for instance, has assisted dozens of various gambling brand owners in conducting market research before expanding into new markets and opening venues from scratch. We also aid in other issues related to openings, including all technical, methodological, and legal aspects. In us, you’ll find a reliable assistant and business partner who will always pay due attention to your requests and needs.

The criticality of conducting marketing research lies in the following aspects:

  1. Understanding the profile of the target audience in various segmentations based on gender, age, income, interests, gambling experience, geolocation, social connections and status, favorite games, activities, family and children presence, and many other parameters (modern tools related to big data allow gathering over a thousand such parameters, enabling excellent micro-segmentation and post-monitoring online).
  2. Market assessment, its opportunities, limitations, competition, strengths and weaknesses, unrealized potential, legal risks, and other business-related factors.
  3. Regulatory requirements, their feasibility, restrictiveness, and trends towards improvement or deterioration.
  4. Calculation of financial capabilities and their realization, i.e., earning potential (financial model).
  5. Other risks and their mitigation.

The market research methodology includes the following approaches:

  1. Data collection online and offline, including the use of specialized reports from industry participants and buying data from specialized companies.
  2. Observing punter and competitor behavior, monitoring their websites and the websites of profiled professional companies operating in the market, and studying media and social networks.
  3. Studying methodological and official legal documentation.
  4. Surveys, interviews, and focus groups.
  5. Data analysis (competitive, SWOT, regulatory).
  6. Keyword and phrase research.
  7. Subsequent regular monitoring.

Summarization, mathematical, and statistical analysis of collected data are performed using one or several suitable methods, such as:

  • Descriptive statistics
    • Inferential statistics
    • Regression analysis
    • Correlation analysis
    • Time series analysis
    • Factor analysis
    • Cluster analysis
    • PCA
    • ANOVA
    • Chi-Square Test
    • Survival analysis
    • Decision tree
    • Random Forest
    • SVM
    • Bootstrapping
    • Fuzzy logic
    • Bayesian Method and others.

To utilize these methods, one must have a mathematical, analytical, or statistical background and education.

Branding and Positioning

Every gaming parlor strives to create a recognizable (and, therefore, strong) brand. Its presence allows for a more effective use of marketing dollars, yielding a greater return on investment, as people will start recognizing this brand, differentiating it from others.

Creating a strong brand and positioning it is part of a marketing strategy that should involve all available advertising channels in each of the geo-locations. To create a strong brand, the following marketing strategies for online casino should be worked out:

  1. Determine what the brand will be like, its parts, the meaning of the brand and its elements, which specific customer segments this brand will appeal to, and in what manner.
  2. Who will be the brand’s mascot (face) — a person, animal, or abstract image? Keep in mind that the chosen character will be an integral part of the brand for many years or even permanently, so different individuals may even play the same character, like Colonel Sanders at KFC.
  3. Create a compelling brand story that covers not only its origin but also its mission and values. Such a story should resonate deeply with people’s souls.
  4. Create a recognizable logo, font, and visual identity. This also involves choosing colors, their combinations, sizes, and simplicity. All of this should be described in detail in a brand book that outlines the behavior of elements in different situations and on different carriers.
  5. Focus on UX, which should be on your gaming parlor’s website and mobile app. Site/app navigation should be easy, highly intuitive, and enjoyable for punters. Ensure that all brand elements are consistent across your social networks, website, mobile app, promotional materials, and emails.
  6. Your brand should be associated with high quality so that people want to stay, becoming regular punters, and also spread word of mouth about your gambling establishment, attracting their friends. Therefore, the website/mobile app should be well-made, providing a smooth experience. Games should come from top providers. A reliable gambling license is a must. Pleasant and efficient customer support is important. Launch an excellent bonus system, rewards, and VIP system that are equal to or better than those of competitors. Take care of contests, tournaments, and pleasant periodic perks for punters, such as cashback, birthday gifts, etc. Make website registration fast, and AML and KYC verification smooth and non-stressful.
  7. Position yourself as a reliable place where punters are not only your important asset but also your allies and friends who come to have fun, distract themselves from worldly chores, and have a pleasant opportunity to win money, sometimes, life-changing.
  8. Engage with your audience through all available channels: social networks, your gaming venue’s forum, emails and customer support, personal messages on the website with various promo offers, online and offline events, and other platforms where this is possible. Building warm, friendly relationships is important for promoting your brand. Also, don’t forget about the consistency of this action to maintain relationships.
  9. Don’t forget about constant iterations to assess what’s going on, compare it to what you wanted to achieve, and make timely adjustments to optimize your efforts in promoting online casino.

There are several strategies for the right approach to your audience:

  1. Properly segment your audience and develop unique offerings for each segment. The more segments, the better the alignment with their desires and preferences. Segmentation can be done down to each individual.
    1. Determine what sets you uniquely apart from competitors. Interface/theme design? Game selection? Bonuses and other offers? Exceptional customer service? Whatever you choose, to make your brand unique, you shouldn’t blend into the crowd.
    1. A proper brand positioning strategy according to the previous point on the list (uniqueness), your brand’s vision, and its mascot/personality, consistent across all promo channels.
    1. When communicating with customers, potential customers, and the wider audience, focus on your unique features, offerings, or story. Stay true to yourself for as long as possible so that punters know about your consistency.
    1. Don’t change yourself and your principles even after you’ve become widely known and recognized. Don’t become worse. Don’t become mainstream. Don’t become a soulless corporation.
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Website and Mobile Optimization

If gambling is a legally permitted activity in your geo, you can officially publish your mobile app on Google Play, Apple Store, and other mobile stores. You can also advertise without super-strong restrictions imposed by major social networks like Facebook. To do this, you need to be a registered company, obtain a license for a specific geo, and meet the criteria set by these corporations.

In such a case, your mobile app will have a wider distribution than if you only place it on your website for download. Being listed on official sources, downloading and installation will go smoothly, as mobile phones (and tablets) won’t ask for special permission to install it (going to the interface and allowing such installation is perceived as tedious action and it can be suspicious to many people as they fear viruses).

In your marketing strategies for promoting online casino,always strive to have a mobile app, even if your gambling establishment is small and you’re just starting out. The chances of significant business growth are higher compared to having just a website. This is simply explained: today, mobile gambling traffic from mobile devices is higher than from desktops (approximately 65/35).

And in both cases — whether you have a mobile app or not — you need to ensure high-quality UX. Visual design should be high-quality, modern, and fast, even on not very powerful devices. Technical design should not cut off access for devices with older OS versions released 7-10 years ago. All pages should be informative, not excessive, but also not skimp on information. All user-provided information should be minimal, no more than what is really required for registration, profile personalization, and KYC & AML procedures.

Design elements should look great on any screen resolution, with screens of any aspect ratio, from long rectangles to squares (a.k.a. responsive design).

All CTAs should be clearly understandable, and users should not have questions about where to click in case of a specific need, whether it’s registration, gaming, or a desire to read bonus rules.

Implement gamification elements (progress bars, achievement badges, rewards systems, and others). Encourage users to complete tasks, achieve milestones, and earn rewards for their participation.

Content Marketing and SEO

Content marketing and SEO are vital components of website and mobile app promotion. This is what we call “organic promotion,” where money isn’t directly paid for advertising, but rather, the website, its pages, and the mobile app are found in searches through keywords and thanks to good content created for them.

SEO optimization consists of:

  • Optimal selection and placement of keywords and key phrases in texts
    • Content structure: headlines, lists, tables, graphics, and visual elements
    • Grammar, consistency, and logical content, as well as its usefulness for readers to encourage them to read, share, add to favorites, and comment
    • Building backlinks
    • Utilizing across channels.

There’s also the concept of technical SEO optimization, related to the website’s functioning (and to a lesser extent, to the mobile app, as they are almost always better technically optimized than websites). It includes:

  • Crawlability for robots (thanks to robots.txt and other means)
    • Optimal website structure
    • URL structure
    • Page speed
    • Schema markup
    • Mobile optimization
    • HTTPS and SSL
    • Structured data testing
    • Canonicalization.

Website content and promotion should ideally be handled by a separate team, consisting of at least a copywriter and an SEO specialist. A larger team may include a graphic designer (who will create or select videos, illustrations, and graphics for textual content) and an SMM specialist.

It’s optimal to create different types of content for maximum audience engagement and interest:

  1. Blog posts and short/medium articles.
  2. Longread content with expert advice.
  3. How-to’s and tutorials.
  4. Game reviews and analyses.
  5. Promotional content.
  6. Educational and informational content.
  7. Infographics and visuals.
  8. Video content.
  9. Live streams.
  10. Webinars.
  11. Interactive content.
  12. Guest posts and collaborations.

This also applies to other businesses, when a casino moves beyond just being a gambling house and gets involved in related types of business: assisting in opening new gaming venues for others, affiliate marketing companies, expert assistance in specific aspects of the gambling business, such as obtaining gambling licenses, or even opening their own game production studio.

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Social Media and Influencer Marketing

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is one of the necessary conditions for promoting any business today. Just 10 years ago, allocating a budget for social media promotion was residual (if there’s money left for it, great, if not, okay). But now, SMM is the driver of almost any product’s advertising. And in the conditions of marketing strategies for optimizing online casino, where for the vast majority of venues advertising on physical offline media is unavailable, SMM becomes almost the only effective way of promotion (in addition to the information placed on their website and an influencer marketing approach). Even many regular companies, operating in other business segments, in 2024, do not consider SMM residual but give it a primary and even sole role in marketing. This became especially evident after the generation of people who grew up with social networks, born 20-30 years after the invention of the Internet, started entering the workforce.

Overall, the strategy for working with SMM looks like this:

  1. Determine the platforms for promotion (this will shape the format (text/pics/video) and optimal posting frequency).
  2. Develop a plan.
  3. Define campaign KPIs.
  4. Allocate an adequate budget.
  5. Create videos/posts according to the plan, relevant and interesting to the target audience, without violating the platform’s format and requirements.
  6. Actively engage with followers, invite them to dialogue, and respond to their questions and comments.
  7. Periodically hold contests and giveaways, inviting them to become a punter at the gambling establishment and receive pleasant bonuses for themselves and their friends.
  8. Focus on building long-term relationships.

Similarly, influencer marketing is a significant part of promotion. In the conditions of limited advertising opportunities for gaming venues in many global jurisdictions, and sometimes existing restrictions on advertising on numerous social networks, influencer marketing takes the forefront. Working in this direction involves:

  1. Choosing suitable influencers based on budget, number of followers, target messages, and the segment in which the influencer operates. Negotiate terms and sign contracts if necessary.
  2. Define campaign KPIs (website traffic, number of video/post views, number of new punter registrations, number of deposits made, etc.).
  3. Coordinate the activity plan and monitor the quality and regularity of the posts they make.
  4. Provide the influencer with creative freedom so that, while pursuing your company’s goals, they can stay true to their style (after all, that’s what their current followers love them for).
  5. Develop unique offers for the influencer’s audience, who will sign up for your gambling establishment and make a deposit. These could be more enticing bonuses than regular new punters (free spins, money, VIP level, exclusive games, etc.).
  6. Promote user-generated content in response to the influencer’s posts and respond appropriately to such content.
  7. As with SMM, focus on building long-term relationships with followers.
Promoting online casino is not an easy task — it should be thoroughly taken care of

Email Marketing and CRM

Understanding customers and their needs is a key aspect of any business, especially in a highly competitive one like gambling. And what better way to reach out to them than through email? Email marketing allows online casinos to directly interact with their punters, sending them personalized messages and offers that resonate on an individual level. It’s not just about promotional campaigns; it’s about building relationships.

Modern CRM systems can incredibly automate the distribution of personalized offers to clients. But it’s not just that. They can (either on their own or with the help of integrated text modules powered by AI) generate personalized texts for each client, based on their preferences, account top-up history, game preferences, favored time of day to play, and other factors — all those factors stored in the CRM, collected every time new information emerges. Every customer action is registered, recorded, cataloged, evaluated, and systematized. Accordingly, the best personalized offer is periodically selected and sent to them via email or through another preferred communication channel (email, Telegram, Viber, SMS, pop-up message, etc.).

But it’s not just about numbers; it’s also about the people behind them. Effectively leveraging CRM, gambling establishments can enhance loyalty and trust, and, ultimately, increase the long-term value of each customer (expressed as LTV). It’s about understanding what drives each punter and providing an experience that will make them come back time and time again.

In conclusion, the most effective strategies for email marketing with the help of CRM are:

  1. Timely and relevant communication.
  2. Personalized offers that resonate with punters.
  3. Value-driven content.
  4. Delivery of interactive experiences.

Promotions and Bonuses

Bonuses are not only the most effective part of a customer acquisition strategy. Overall, they are a rather enjoyable aspect of punters interacting with a gaming parlor, where the parlor gives punters perks that can increase their chances of a good win and spend more time playing, enjoying the experience.

Types of bonuses vary:

  1. Free spins.
    1. Bonus money.
    1. Free bets (in games other than video slots, such as roulette or card games).
    1. Gifts in the form of in-game currency.
    1. Free or discounted participation in tournaments, VIP systems, or other leaderboards.
    1. Valuable real-life gifts — jewelry, cash, cars, trips to cool places, VIP passes to parties, computer equipment, art objects, or collectibles.
    1. Cashbacks.
    1. Gifts for deposits or no-deposit ones.
    1. Gifts for birthdays, holidays, New Year, or other events.

Depending on which types of gifts the gambling establishment chooses, the strategy for distributing these gifts and promotions will vary. Much will depend on the client segment. For example, it is impractical to give expensive gifts to those with low or zero LTV. Or to give a large number of free spins/free money to those who do not deposit a substantial amount.

Analytics and Optimization

Part of the everyday operational activity after launching a marketing strategy and a casino website is gathering data about users, their activities, and preferences. This helps improve services, better understand customer needs, and cater to their preferences.

Various methods and technologies are used for this:

  1. Implementing trackers on web pages and in the mobile application to track where people spend time and money. This also helps collect classic website usage statistics, such as bounce rate, enter and exit points, sources for registrations, average page visit time, etc.
  2. Campaign and conversion trackers. These are also technical trackers providing information for statistical reporting for gaming venues on launched campaigns. This helps understand various customer funnel ratios, such as the number of site visits compared to the number of registrations. Or the number of those depositing compared to those playing demo versions.
  3. Analytics tools used in the company should also be able to conduct A/B testing, retention analysis, customer segmentation and re-segmentation, predictive analysis, and compliance monitoring.

Compliance and Responsible Gaming

The final (yet equally important) part is compliance and responsible gaming. Regulatory frameworks often serve as constraints for gambling establishment marketing. For instance, the legislation of a given country may more or less strictly regulate the following:

  1. Where advertising can take place, in what formats, and on which media, and where it cannot.
  2. Methods for excluding minors and other at-risk categories from gambling (including self-exclusion and exclusion of individuals susceptible to compulsive gambling and gambling addiction).
  3. What incentives and bonuses can be offered to punters, and their limits (minimum/maximum)? For example, it may be prohibited to offer more than a 100% deposit match or, for instance, the playthrough requirement should not exceed x20.
  4. Requirements for verifying the identity and age of punters.
  5. Requirements for communication with punters, such as restrictions on communication channels. For example, a person cannot be sent promotional emails if they have not given explicit consent to receive them.
  6. Requirements for inclusivity and diversification.
  7. Requirements for data protection, including personal and financial information.
  8. Auditing and licensing.

Failure to comply with all these requirements, which exist in a specific geographic location, can lead to a gambling establishment being prohibited from conducting its activities. Moreover, in the event of commencing such activities, a ban can be imposed by regulatory bodies very quickly. Administrative penalties and criminal punishment for violating gambling requirements in a specific country are also not excluded.

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Without a marketing component, it’s impossible to run your gambling business. It’s a multifaceted activity that demands significant attention and effort from the gaming venue, as well as the need to have specialists in their respective fields in the marketing team. That’s why it’s important to implement this aspect with the highest quality possible — not just to advertise to increase the customer base, but also to build a brand that stands out from competitors, to adhere to the unique legal requirements of each geo presence, and to foster customer-centric relationships.

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