It’s Vegas, Baby! 2023 party is waiting for you! Where? In Vegas, of course!

Welcome to the Vegas Baby 2023 event (scheduled on October 10, 2023, in Las Vegas, US)

After hard work, hard partying is exactly what a person needs to relax, shake off the hustle and bustle of the chores, and recharge the inner battery. With that idea on their mind, the creators of Vegas Baby-2023 are throwing a late party on October 10, in the entertainment heart of the world — Vegas, the USA. 

Ah, Vegas…! With a buzzing ambiance all night round, tens of paradise-like casinos to play for real cash, and extra-luxurious hotels scattered across the city, Vegas is a daydream and night desire of billions of earthlings. That’s where the creams of partygoers of the iGaming industry will hang out until they drop on October 10, having fun with 1,000+ invitees. Although the venue of the event is yet to be defined, no doubt that it will be the one-of-a-kind party of this year since SBC is known to throw simply killing parties!

Vegas Baby 2023 is happening at dusk on the second day of the G2E (a.k.a. Global Gaming Expo). After a productive hang-around at the Expo and doing various important businesses there, invited participants from the areas of media, regulation, affiliate marketing, supplies, and operations will entertain, celebrate, drink, and dance as if morning never comes!

What’s going to happen

Since this party is invitation-only, you already should throw your application here: to be sure to be added to the guest list. The night will meet you with beer, wine, spirits, snacks, and main courses that are served all evening long. You will be plunged into the atmosphere of music with hot deejays, which will create a proper partying, chatting, and networking mood.

This event is also an excellent chance to make industry participants find out more about you: by becoming a sponsor, you can brand parts of the entertainment hall with your logos and colors, and reserve VIP tables. 

If you can’t wait to find out more about this exciting event, visit the official website of Vegas Baby 2023:

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