During G2E 2023 in Las Vegas this week, a highly informative panel called “Lessons In Leadership: The Global Gaming Women (GGW) Model” was held by four accomplished women in the gambling industry. Led by Lauren Bates, GGW VP and Board Member; Cassie Stratford, GGW President and Chair; Christie Eickelman, GGW Events Committee Chair; and Anika Howard, Wonder Nation President and CEO, the panel delved into the key aspects of maintaining a positive workplace culture that nurtures and supports talent.

One of the core principles discussed was the importance of delegating work and placing trust in your team. By enabling trust, a conducive environment is created where individuals can develop and enhance their skills without stifling micromanagement. While a certain level of monitoring is necessary, it is healthier to maintain a respectful distance when delegating tasks.

A startling statistic shared by the panel was the fact that over one million women have left the workforce since 2020. This reinforces the critical need for organizations to retain top talent. The panel raised the question of what leaders can do to support individuals and facilitate their growth.

Furthermore, the panel emphasized that one of the biggest demotivators is failing to leverage an individual’s talents. Restricting team members from showcasing their skills in meaningful ways can hinder their overall satisfaction and productivity.

Additionally, the panel touched upon the importance of addressing the social aspect of the workplace. Recognizing when team members feel isolated is crucial, as this is an experience almost everyone will encounter at some point. Simple gestures such as inviting everyone out to lunch can go a long way in emphasizing support and fostering a strong network.

Overall, the panel offered valuable insights and actionable strategies for creating a positive and thriving workplace culture that encourages talent retention and growth.

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