The Gambling Commission is seeking input from stakeholders to improve regulations and oversight in the gambling sector. Over the course of 13 weeks, consultations will focus on financial penalties and key event reporting.

One area of reform is the transparency in calculating penalties for regulatory breaches. The Commission aims to establish clear criteria for determining initial penalties based on the severity of the breach and the income generated during the breach period.

The Commission also plans to update rules regarding financial key event reporting to accommodate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions in the gambling industry.

Kay Roberts, the Commission’s Executive Director of Operations, encourages stakeholders to participate in the consultations, as all views on proposed changes will be considered.

This initiative builds upon the Commission’s efforts to improve regulatory foresight by harnessing operator data. Ben Haden, Director of Research and Statistics, highlights the use of diverse data points in understanding player behaviors in both online and land-based gambling environments.

The Commission’s December 2023 introduction of the ‘Tell us something in confidence’ online reporting service demonstrates their commitment to empowering individuals in reporting suspicions of criminal activities such as match-fixing, underage gambling, and money laundering.

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